Thursday, May 01, 2014

Happy Birthday, Hungry Cow!

Apologies to my fans, all 10 of you. It has been a while since moo last post. It has been quite challenging to blog recently what with family issues, reservist etc. But yes, this blog turns 8. #HuatAh!

As I celebrate turning yet another year older in real life and in blog age (both occasions share the same birth date!), I am thankful... 

...for friends who remind me that 3 is a cool number. Never mind that there is a zero behind. LOL.

I guess this blog remains a bit "old school" in the sense that:
- Still uses a small camera instead of a DSLR. Now made worse by the ease of just using my iPhone! Moohehe
- Still don't have a blogger namecard (but I should get one lah instead of apologising over the last 8 years to people who give me their's! Moohaha.)
- I don't do "top 10 best buffets", "best 5 steakhouses", "3 things not to feed your mother-in-law" etc type of posts for the sake of SEO. Nothing wrong with doing those but just not my kinda thing lah unless it bears a personal relevance.

In short, this cow is simply happy to be able to continue to express mooself via this non-award-winning online platform through something close to moo heart- whining wining and dining.   

Life might not be perfect. Especially when one kena bluffed into office on a Friday evening despite being just minutes away from home....
But then a wonderful surprise awaited in the office. Moohahaha. Silly colleagues. Could have surprised me closer to my home lah! LOL. #thesepeopleareawesome :)

Happy 8th anniversary. Thank you to all my family and friends who have risked waist and liver, making this journey fun and enriching with your company. You know who you are!

Counting moo blessings,
The Hungry Cow

*Photo credits to Nicole and Cyn!


sohcool said...

Hi there, You only have 10 fans? No kidding. Continue writing. Like your non-awarding blog. Suits me. Thanks.

The Hungry Cow said...

sohcool: Thanks for being my number 11th fan! Cheers. Moohehe.