Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Rare Prata Supper

I rarely have suppers and even more rarely have prata but the two is a wonderful combination sworn by many. On a recent occasion, after being tempted by reading one too many food blogs (yes, I do feel your pain. Moohaha!), I was tempted to swing by Simpang Bedok for a prata supper.

The Prata Kosong, freshly made upon order, spotted a crisp exterior with a slightly chewy inside. Eaten on its own, it was fragrant with a gentle sweetness appearing at the end after chewing. Delightful! While I found the red sambal gravy a tad sweet like nasi lemak's chilli, the curry was robust and tasty.

Prata Telur Bawang aka Plain Prata + Egg + Onions was less crisp on the outside and more doughy but still delectable.

On a cool night, the tummies are best warmed by a cup of Teh Halia. The sweet milky notes and perky ginger juice is pure comfort. :)

Around $6 in all for the pratas and two cups of Teh Halia! Cheap and good.

New Mahamoodiya Restaurant
335 Bedok Road
Opens: 24 hours daily

Chew On This: There are several tables that line the small lane next to this stall. Snag one here and experience prata bliss in a relaxed, "back lane" atmosphere!

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