Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mum's Stir Fried Udon, My Favourite Fusion Homecooked Dish!

I recently re-lived and re-tasted a slice of my childhood when mum whipped up a big plate of fried udon. Food just taste better with that powerful flavouring called...... nostalgia. Moohehe.

What makes this fried udon dish of hers unique is that it essentially uses whatever ingredients are found in the fridge. This time, it was a medley of beef, broccoli, pumpkin and tomatoes stir fried with garlic, a hint of sesame oil, sprinkling of Western herbs and cheese. Yes, cheese. Like many Singaporeans of my generation, my sister and I grew up on square-shaped plastic wrapped slices of Kraft processed cheese. Adding this to the fried udon gave it a familiar cheesy, melty texture and a salty, savoury hit.

It all sounds rather fusion what with Western and Asian flavours but it works beautifully. To me, this is a shining example of when fusion actually works without trying too hard to be unique or different. Neither is it a random dish by simply putting two dishes together to create a novelty.

Mooch of Singapore's food heritage has fusion roots which over time becomes "authentic". Unfortunately, "fusion" has been given such a bad rep that it is now almoost a bad word.

Anyway, here's to my favourite fusion homecooked dish- mum's stir fried udon! :)

Chew On This: Not sure how mum does it but no matter what the ingredients thrown into this udon dish, it somehow tastes about the same! Moogic. Moohehe.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Legendary Hill Street Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee

I've long heard of this stall but being one who prefers not to queue too mooch for his food, I've never ventured there....until ze boss suggested we head there for lunch one afternoon. Moohehe.

The Bak Chor Mee (from $5) was certainly not cheap for a kopitiam bowl of noodles but it was pretty good. And after devouring my $6 bowl with additional noodles which caught the jealous attention of many in the queue, I see perhaps why:
- the mee pok was soft and had an appeal akin to freshly made pasta
- very generous lashings of lard and crispy lardy bits made this super slurp-able
- the pork slices tasted fresh and were not dry
- the pork liver were minerally and slightly chewy
- the dumplings had velvety skins and a small, tight meaty filling
- 2-3 pieces of crispy fried ti poh (fried flatfish) added a savoury oomph
- the soup had rich flavours of not only pork but liver

My only gripe besides the queue, was that the saucy mix of chilli, black vinegar and fish sauce was not as punchy as I would have liked. Maybe my order of additional noodles threw their balance off. Moohaha. 

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle
Block 466 Crawford Lane
Opens: 9.30am to 8pm
Closed: 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month

Chew On This: and don't start a mee pok war lah!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Savouring Spring at Brasserie Les Saveurs

While Singapore's weather is either hot and humid or wet and lagi humid, thankfully there are restaurants which celebrate the four seasons with different menus featuring seasonal ingredients and flavours.

Stepping into Brasserie Les Saveurs at the St Regis Singapore on a particular evening, I could not help but notice the high ceilings that gave it a sense of spaciousness, and a feeling of grandeur from its classy chandeliers, polished surfaces and a lone lady singer belting out soothing numbers.
We were presented Chef de Cuisine Fabrice Passicos' spring creations.
Le Thon Mi-Cuit, a delightful starter of yellowfin tuna tataki with mango, mashed green peas and shiso cress was a medley of fresh, welcoming flavours.

Next to arrive was the Light Morel Veloute and Foie Gras Custard served Herbed Brioche Toast & Morel Dumpling. I loved the creamy morel veloute but found the custard and dumpling too stodgy for my liking.

More fresh flavours were evident in the Buttered European White Asparagus with Poached Sweet Shrimps, Hollandaise Sauce, Pea Shoots and Dill Oil.

Fans of fish and delicate flavours would enjoy the Oven-Baked Pacific Cod with Warm Leek & Cauliflower Vichyssois Pickled Parlsey, Shimeiji Mushrooms and Fresh Salmon Roe. A thick slab of Pacific Cod was moist, flaked beautifully while being pampered by the light flavours of the accompaniments around the plate.

For something heartier and meatier, the Grilled Medium Spring Lamb Cutlets with Sauteed Potatoes, Sweet Rhubard Compote, Fine Spring Vegetables, Fresh Garden Herbs and Petit Salad won't disappoint. This cow very mooch enjoyed its pleasant robust taste from chewing on its meat and fat. Sorry my bovine brothers. It's biri biri's night! Moohaha.

To end the meal on a sweet note, the Fresh Strawberries Crepes Romanov featured strawberries flambéed with fresh black pepper and fine vodka, spiked with 100 year old Grand Marnier and served with homemade pistachio ice cream. I might not have a sweet tooth but I'm alcoholic.

This lovely experience is available ala carte or as a degustation menu until mid June.

Thank you Jackson Sim of The St. Regis Singapore for hosting moo.

Brasserie Les Saveurs
Lobby Level
The St. Regis Singapore
Tel: 6506 6860 

Chew On This: An accompanying buffet spread of appetisers and desserts awaits too! :D

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Rare Prata Supper

I rarely have suppers and even more rarely have prata but the two is a wonderful combination sworn by many. On a recent occasion, after being tempted by reading one too many food blogs (yes, I do feel your pain. Moohaha!), I was tempted to swing by Simpang Bedok for a prata supper.

The Prata Kosong, freshly made upon order, spotted a crisp exterior with a slightly chewy inside. Eaten on its own, it was fragrant with a gentle sweetness appearing at the end after chewing. Delightful! While I found the red sambal gravy a tad sweet like nasi lemak's chilli, the curry was robust and tasty.

Prata Telur Bawang aka Plain Prata + Egg + Onions was less crisp on the outside and more doughy but still delectable.

On a cool night, the tummies are best warmed by a cup of Teh Halia. The sweet milky notes and perky ginger juice is pure comfort. :)

Around $6 in all for the pratas and two cups of Teh Halia! Cheap and good.

New Mahamoodiya Restaurant
335 Bedok Road
Opens: 24 hours daily

Chew On This: There are several tables that line the small lane next to this stall. Snag one here and experience prata bliss in a relaxed, "back lane" atmosphere!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Happy Birthday, Hungry Cow!

Apologies to my fans, all 10 of you. It has been a while since moo last post. It has been quite challenging to blog recently what with family issues, reservist etc. But yes, this blog turns 8. #HuatAh!

As I celebrate turning yet another year older in real life and in blog age (both occasions share the same birth date!), I am thankful... 

...for friends who remind me that 3 is a cool number. Never mind that there is a zero behind. LOL.

I guess this blog remains a bit "old school" in the sense that:
- Still uses a small camera instead of a DSLR. Now made worse by the ease of just using my iPhone! Moohehe
- Still don't have a blogger namecard (but I should get one lah instead of apologising over the last 8 years to people who give me their's! Moohaha.)
- I don't do "top 10 best buffets", "best 5 steakhouses", "3 things not to feed your mother-in-law" etc type of posts for the sake of SEO. Nothing wrong with doing those but just not my kinda thing lah unless it bears a personal relevance.

In short, this cow is simply happy to be able to continue to express mooself via this non-award-winning online platform through something close to moo heart- whining wining and dining.   

Life might not be perfect. Especially when one kena bluffed into office on a Friday evening despite being just minutes away from home....
But then a wonderful surprise awaited in the office. Moohahaha. Silly colleagues. Could have surprised me closer to my home lah! LOL. #thesepeopleareawesome :)

Happy 8th anniversary. Thank you to all my family and friends who have risked waist and liver, making this journey fun and enriching with your company. You know who you are!

Counting moo blessings,
The Hungry Cow

*Photo credits to Nicole and Cyn!