Sunday, April 06, 2014

Easter Brunching @ The Knolls, Capella

Life has been throwing me lemons recently so it was a relaxing, wonderful experience to enjoy Sunday Champagne brunch on the tranquil grounds of the Capella.

This Easter, The Knolls rolls out a Mediterranean buffet spread with some special dishes alongside their staples. On the whole, here's what to expect.

The Smoked Salmon Rilette with Caviar & Blini was moreish with its delicately salty and moist salmon rilette, pearls of caviar and fluffy soft blini.

Fish for the Turbot, an outstanding dish featuring premium flatfish known for its firm white flesh and delicate flavour. The accompanying roasted herb veggies were scrumptious.

For something fun, try the Foie Gras Popsicle Dipped in Chocolate. Sounds whimsical but the combination works nicely.

I'm no big oyster fan but I know of several people who will go gaga here. Moohehe. The Knolls serves a variety of oysters from Cadoret, one of France's oldest farms.

Grab a few slices of cold cuts and salami from the Charcuterie board. I added them to my bowl of nachos with guacamole and hummus by the side.

A few live stations, including a grill, were set up just outside the entrance of The Knolls dishing up ice cream, ravioli, wraps and yummy sausages (quite spicy) and pork pieces.

Lamb fans should not miss the Lamb Royale, a large platter of different parts of the Agneau de pré-salé otherwise known as the "salt meadow lamb'. Sourced from France, these lambs graze on pastures with high salinity and iodine content, giving them a distinct taste. 

Also from France were the chickens used in the Salt Baked Yellow Chicken. Corn-fed, free-range chickens (with French passports. moohaha) were encrusted in salt and baked resulting in juicy, flavoursome poultry. There were even 3 flavours to choose from! All were rather Provencal in flavour profile.

If you are wondering if the chef is French seeing that many of the produce are from France, yes he is! I was guessing he would be from the South of France given his lighter touch and liberal use of herbs. My guess (after a few glasses of Champagne) turns out right. Presenting the affable Executive Chef David Senia!

Speaking of Champagne, free-flow Taittinger will be served for Easter brunch.

There was a nice looking spread for desserts but knowing moo...

...this was dessert. Moohehe. I love the cheese cupboard here. Moo favourite was the aged Comte! :D

Ok ok. I did have some "real" desserts including the chocolate tart and these absolutely delicious cookies! And a bit of bread with butter. Siao, you might think but the butter, moore specifically Beurre d'lsigny, is fab fat! Hey maybe these cookies were made with it.

The lively tunes of the four-piece band serenaded guests as the band made its way around tables. A nice touch to the relaxed yet classy brunch vibes here at The Knolls.

Easter Brunch (20 April, 12.30pm) is priced at $228++ per adult with free-flow wines and Champagne; $188++ per adult without alcohol.

Thanks to Leanne Sim of the Capella Singapore for hosting me.

The Knolls
Capella Singapore
Tel: 6591 5046 

Chew On This: A fun egg hunt is available just for Easter. Find three Easter eggs hidden on the grounds of the Capella Singapore and stand to win prizes such as a one night stay in a one-bedroom garden villa, dinner for two at Cassia and a 90-minute signature massage at Auriga Spa!

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