Saturday, March 29, 2014

Simple & Good Dumpling Noodles

Moore often than not, it is not a good idea to look at your neighbour's plate after ordering food unless one is prepared to do round two. Moohehe.

I had my Cai Fan in front of me but my colleague's noodles looked so good lah. Trust this cow. Besides grass looking greener on the other side of the fence, noodles also!

So I did the expected and had a round 2 lunch of Sui Kao Min ($3 for large). The thin egg noodles, firm and springy, were deliciously tossed in a mix of shallot oil, chilli paste, a savoury brown sauce and a drop of sesame oil. The Sui Kao aka dumplings were plump with prawns, minced pork and crunchy bits of water chestnuts.

Simple and good fare from this stall manned by two elderly ladies and one elderly man.

Now, maybe I should order a $5 portion the next time...and refrain from coveting my neighbour's dish!

Qing Xiang Wanton Noodle
North Bridge Road Food Centre
Blk 861 North Bridge Road
Opens: Only for lunch

Chew On This: For some odd reason I can't explain, I ordered the noodles using my lousy Cantonese which usually happens only when I'm forced to use it in Hong Kong! #hengnothingwentwrong

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