Thursday, March 06, 2014

Night Cap at the Auld Alliance

Sometimes at the end of a long day, a drink feels so good. Even if it is just one drink. #alkiewithcontrol

Stepping into library-like The Auld Alliance was crazy. I could feel each of the over 1350 bottles staring at me. Moohehe.

But no, I just had one drink only, opting for the Old Fashioned. Strong. Sweet. Citrus-y.

Then good night! What else you want lah. Moohehe.

Psst..for those into or keen in learning moore about whiskies, the friendly staff here are happy to indulge in liquid education. :P

The Auld Alliance
Rendezvous Hotel Gallery
Tel:  6337 2201 (from 5pm only)

Chew On This: Whiskey fans can opt for selected flights to explore verticals, regions, types etc and even a blind tasting!

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