Sunday, March 23, 2014

GroXers Brings in Joshu Wagyu

It was a Saturday morning but this cow was lured out of bed by well...another cow. Moohehe. Or moore specifically a deliciously sacrificed one. #youknowiamcannibalisticright 

Brought in from Japan by food distributor GroXers, Joshu wagyu is wagyu beef from Japanese Black cattle raised in Gunma prefecture. Benefiting from the area's green mountains and clear water, Joshu wagyu is known for its succulence, tenderness and rich flavour.

Chef Felix Chong showcased some yummy dishes made from Joshu wagyu at a demonstration held at ToTT.

First up an 'ice cream' of beef tartare. Gone in one mouth, the crisp squid ink wafer cone contrasted delightfully with the creamy, sweet-tangy beef tartare. Moo thinks this is a good canape idea.

Pan Seared Joshu Wagyu Beef with Capsicum & Balsamic Reduction showcased the sweet beefy flavour of the striploin though the capsicum was a tad intense for me. I tried the beef on its own and then went for moore in a stamp of approval. Moohehe.

Flame on! Someone should tell Johnny Storm from Fantastic Four to do this. Blow torching slivers of Joshu wagyu added a smoky touch and brought out some of that luscious oils.

Lightly flamed on the outside and nicely under-cooked, here's the Wagyu Ribeye with Celeriac Puree, Asparagus & Mustard Sauce. :D

If you wanna order up some Joshu Wagyu or Joshu beef, check out GroXers! They even have a 25% discount for first timer shoppers.

Thanks to Yvonne Law of GroXers for hosting me.

Joshu Wagyu
*Available at Groxers and selected meat specialty shops

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