Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kway Chap Distraction

It's good to be focused. But I got distracted by a kway chap stall that looked promising- nondescript, looks like it has been there for quite a while and no fancy big stickers from celebrity TV food shows.

So I followed my stomooch and ordered kway chap.

The Kway Chap ($3.90) turned out to be very good. The intestines were braised until tender. Strips of pork belly were capped with nice chewy skin. The bowl of kway matched up too. Silky sheets glided down smoothly and provided simple pleasure with a rather cheng broth.

The kway was so good, I grabbed another bowl with gluttony glee.

Then it was back on track to what I was actually en route there for- beef noodles. Yes, I was pretty focused despite the slight (yummy) distraction. Moohehe.

Hai Fa Guo Zhi
Blk 207 New Upper Changi Road (near Bedok MRT)
Opens only from morning to lunch while stocks last.
Closes on Thursdays

Chew On This: The auntie at the stall said if moore people patronise her stall in the evenings, she will open for dinner! C'mon people!  


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