Sunday, February 02, 2014

Festive Delights for the Lunar New Year at Xin Cuisine

It seems like turning into some sort of tradition. For the 4th consecutive year, I was at Xin Cuisine to sample their CNY dishes. And it's by no means a bad thing to return here as the food has been consistently good.

Check out the horse-shaped yusheng to usher in the year of the horse! It's hooves are actually Chinese mushrooms. Moohehe. Xin's Superior Seafood Yusheng ($488) also consisted of an ice sculpture bearing bountiful seafood such Australian lobster, salmon, tuna, Japanese sweet prawn, geoduck and Ikan Parang.

That's one happy horse, no? :p Tossed for prosperity, this yusheng was well balanced in flavour. I had thirds!

I love soups so the Double-boiled Dumpling Soup with Seafood & Truffle ($10/person) easily pleased my palate with its rich, clean flavours accented with a whiff of truffle. Tear open the dumpling to dig into dried scallops, mushrooms and pork.  

Feasting need not necessarily be a heavy affair with dishes like the Lobster & Fish Roe with Scrambled Egg (from $48 for small). Meaty chunks of lobster nestled in a comforting fluffy bed of egg whites. Alas, my lobster was a tad overcooked.

For the fish dish, the Poached Garoupa with Fresh Mushroom in Superior Stock (market price) was excellent! Cooked nicely, the garoupa tasted fresh and was bathed in a creamy stock full of Shimeiji mushrooms. If I ever lose my sense of civility, I would happily have the whole dish to mooself....with a bowl of rice. Moohaha.

You say Pen Cai, I say Shio Bak! Xin Cuisine's Traditional Pen Cai (from $268 for small) boasted a centre square of roasted pork that immediately got my attention when it was served. Surrounding it was a bevy of prawns, dried oysters, abalones, long cabbage, black moss, sea cucumber, fish maw etc in a glistening starchy gravy. Definitely a dish that signified abundance! Give me a pot of rice!

After hearing about this dish at their Christmas event, I was glad that the "Home-style" Roast Duck with Tea Leaves ($68 for whole duck) was part of the tasting. Awarded the Silver award for the Best Dish of 2012/2013 by the Chaine des Rotisseurs, this duck was wonderful to eat. Its meat was well seasoned and with a good bite while its crisp skin had a nice fragrance. Just this duck with some rice would make a great meal.

Ok ok, seems like a number of dishes were made for rice and actually I'm serious lah! One of those dishes with plain rice would be bliss. :D

But there was still dessert to come.

Desserts appeared in the form of the sweet and nutty Deep-fried Xin's "Nian Gao" ($9 for 3 pieces) and Deep-fried Soursop with Bailey's Chocolate ($9 for 3 pieces), which had flavours I thought were odd.

Here's to a belly Happy New Year!

Thanks to the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium team for hosting moo.

Xin Cuisine
Level 4
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
317 Outram Road
Tel: 6731 7173 

Chew On This: Their private rooms are really lovely and each comes with a tea assigned according to the room's name!

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