Monday, January 13, 2014

Nothing Beats Simple Cooking with Love at Home

My younger cousins came over to my place on Saturday evening to pick up some cooking from my moother. It was good to see the younger ones cook or even express some interest in cooking for that matter. Too many people now seem not to be able or willing to cook at home.

And it is a pity.

Home cooking can be simple, fun and fulfilling. Even ang moh food. On that evening, we tucked into a delicious dinner of roast chicken, steamed corn, salad, grilled asparagus and pumpkin, and cheese stuffed mushrooms.

Also present was my youngest aunt Xiao Yi and Uncle Gary. I think this cow might have picked up his taste for vino from her when he was a moolet. Moohehe. Shhhh!

We shared a bottle of Maison Bouachon Crozes Hermitage 2010 which was silky and fresh with berries, plum, white pepper and a touch of dried herbs, and a blackberry-licious, pure Domaine Bessa Valley Enira Cabernet 2011 which I brought back from Bulgaria. Yes, you didn't read wrongly. Bulgaria.

I really thoroughly enjoyed dinner. Nothing has to be perfect at home which was perfectly comforting.

Chew On This: And Sip On This. May home-cooking never die!

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