Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Moo First Dining Alone Experience in a Restaurant

Dining alone is not unusual. I mean when one needs to have lunch or dinner, food rather than company seems more necessary. While I have dined alone at home, in kopitiams, food courts and canteens, dining alone at a restaurant was something I have not done before. Restaurant dining to me, be it for work or otherwise, was always with company.

While dining at an Italian restaurant one evening, I noticed a guy at one particular table who was eating alone and he seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. I confessed to my dining companion that I had not tried it before and am curious to give it a shot.

My restaurant dining alone virginity was lost recently at L'Entrecote. I've been eyeing this place for the longest time after hearing all about their steak frites. So on a 风和日丽 lovely Friday, this cow sat alone at L'Entrecôte's Suntec City outlet for lunch to experience restaurant dining alone.

Ordering was a breeze as I had already done some homework. Decided on their Classic Set Lunch ($29.90) which seems to offer good value.

A glass of Kir, included in the set lunch, arrived. It had flavours of sweet blackcurrants with a tart ending. Would have been moore refreshing if served colder and with more fizz.

Then it was back to people watching- a trio of friends enjoying their lunch, a group of Caucasian men having a good time with hearty laughter and a few bottles of wine, a couple deep in conversation over desserts...

Very quickly to arrive was my Fresh Walnut Green Salad which was simple. Chilled, crisp greens dressed in a tangy (red wine?) vinaigrette.

Then a staff came over with this plate and ask if I was ready for my steak. Perhaps this cow was grazing too slowly on his greens. Moohehe. But how to turn away a plate of steak and fries lah? Gobbling up the last bits of salad leaves, I was now staring at the Entrecote Steak.

A 200g piece of sirloin. A heap of golden fries (free flow!). A tasty butter and herb sauce. A happy cow (not the one on the plate lah! LOL). Don't expect super tender, melt-in-the-mouth, flavoursome beef here. The steak was meaty with a certain chew/bite and while its flavour was actually quite mild, the sauce made up for it in taste. I wished they didn't trim off the that chewy tendon-y part of the sirloin though.

A glass of L'Entrecôte's house pour (Chateau Petit Freylon 2009) was easy drinking with red and black fruits on the nose and medium acidity and tannins. Two glasses of this made it even moore easy drinking. Quite enjoyable with the steak. :)

After 3 mountains of fries and thanking God I cleared IPPT a week before this meal, the Dessert of the Day appeared at the table. It was a Chocolate Mousse. Rich, creamy, smooth and just nicely sweetened.

Without the "distractions" of a dining companion, the creative and boh liao side of me even made the water marks on the table resemble the Olympic logo. LOL. 

L'Entrecôte offers good value and there's a no-frills simplicity which I like.

So there. My first 2-hour lunch dining alone in a restaurant came to an end. Sure, I had a few looks from other diners but nothing more than a glance. Afterall, I guess it's moore fun to eat a cow than stare at one. Moohaha. 

Dining alone in a restaurant feels different. Not better or worse than with company. But just the feeling of being one with oneself over a quiet meal. And there's an air of confidence about dining on your own.  
Perhaps the other diners who looked my way were also contemplating dining alone one day. Just like I had been inspired by that lone diner at the Italian restaurant earlier. 

PS: This marks the first post featuring photos taken from my new iPhone! :)  

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Tel: 6690 7569

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