Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Always Happy to Have This Kway Chap!

On route to some wine shopping on a bright Saturday morning, I decided to make a lunch stop at this kway chap stall that I was introduced to by some foodie friends.

Like returning to known comfort, this kway chap made moo face and stomachs smile.

The "standard" order ($4.50) came with intestines, egg, pork belly and tau pok. The intestines and pork belly were well-braised, tender and flavourful. Dip them into the piquant chilli sauce for a nice jolt. The kway itself were flat sheets of rice flour in a bowl of pipping hot broth that was robust with just a slight touch of herbal notes. Nice rustic kway chap!

And then it was time for wine shopping. This kway chap and wine shopping made moo a belly happy cow that day. Moohehe.

Tong Lok Kuay Chap
Eng Lock Koo Coffee Shop
114 Pasir Panjang Road (at the junction with Pepys Road)
Opens: 7am-3pm
Closed: Sundays

Chew On This: early cos they close when it all sell out!

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