Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moo First "Chindian" Makan

I love Chinese and Indian food on their own but a fusion of Chinese AND Indian? I recently had my first experience with "Chindian" (moohehe) cuisine at this restaurant called Manchurian Club.

It boasts a menu offering "Indianized Chinese cuisine". Apparently this style of cuisine resulted from the Hakka Chinese in Manchuria who later moved to India years ago. Flipping through the menu took a while as I was unsure of what to expect despite seeing the listed dishes.

Stir Fried Beancurd in Szechwan Sauce ($7) turned out to be disappointingly un-spicy despite its three chilli rating on the menu. The lightly fried tau kwa was nonetheless tasty coated with a rather sweet, piquant appeal thanks to Worcestershire sauce and bean paste. Dried chillies gave it a nice, gentle heat towards the end.   

The Mixed Fried Rice ($9) was quite interesting- light, fluffy basmati rice with a decent wok hei. Well separated long grains were fried with egg, chicken and seafood.   

As the veg dish, we opted for the Broccoli with Black Mushroom ($7). The broccoli was cooked nicely, tender with just that bit of crunch. The starchy sauce was too overwhelmingly heavy for my liking though it seemed to keep the broccoli warm for quite a long while in the bowl.

Hupak Chicken ($7) also came in a starchy gravy but was perked up with bell peppers, green chilli, black beans and garlic which all made this dish very savoury. The chicken breast pieces were lean and might not appeal to those who prefer the juiciness of the chicken's thigh. Ok, now you know what they mean when they say "food porn". Moohaha.

By the way, who/what is Hupak?

A mooment of contemplation and a pint of Brewerk's Golden Ale ($8) for good measure. :)

Manchurian Club
#01-02 Hotel Tower UE Biz Hub East2 Changi Business Park Ave 1
Tel : 6444 2600 

Chew On This: They do food delivery too! Call 635 22622

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