Saturday, October 12, 2013

Erdinger's Oktoberfest at Clarke Quay

Nothing better than good beer, company and a whole load of sausages at the end of a Friday. That was all there at Erdinger's Oktoberfest.

Wouldn't this bring on a smile? :D

The beer taps flowed furiously serving up Erdinger's signature Weissbier and Dunkel. The former was refreshing and perfect for a start to the evening while the latter was probably why Darth Vader is on the deliciously dark side. Moohehe. Apparently there was even a special Oktoberfest brew but sadly I didn't get to try it.

This year, there was an appointed mayor (from an earlier Instagram contest) to tap the keg in true Oktoberfest tradition. This is like the ringing of the Wall Street bell...only more fun. Hic. Beer games and an Oom-pah band entertained the crowd who themselves also entertained themselves. Moohaha. 

People were clearly happy and in a good mood to let down their hair. Speaking of hair, Oktoberfest seem to have a special effect on some men. Long wavy, shaggy and braided blonde long hair crowned the heads of some burly men that night. So look carefully before you give that blondie a wink. LOL.


Thanks to Sheena Sim of iris Singapore and Erdinger for the invitation.

Erdinger's Oktoberfest
11-12 October 2013
Clarke Quay

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Don't waste time Maybe the next time. :p

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Kulwant said...

The best festival for a beer lover. Oktoberfest is celebrated with great zeal each year.