Thursday, October 17, 2013

Deceptively Punchy $2.50 Fish Ball Noodles

As I am busy with work (as usual) especially after returning from a company retreat in Phuket, I am keeping this blog post short and sweet. Moohehe.

Some things in life are like this $2.50 bowl of fish ball noodles- deceptively punchy. Its fragrance was quite unlike most fish ball noodles I've had. Aromatic with a very fragrant shallot oil, these noodles attack the nose even before eating them! The first bite of the noodles tasted sweet (ketchup maybe?) then a wave of savoury, spicy flavours followed by the tang of black vinegar. The fish balls and fish cake slices were supple and tasted fresh. The former even had an irregular shape, a clue that might suggest these were handmade.

A small amount of minced pork topped the noodles. These had a bit of cornstarch mixed into them so had a smooth feel and offered a different touch compared to moost other stalls.

If this bowl of delicious fish ball noodles stays at $2.50, life is certainly good! :D #damnyouinflation  

Meng Tai
Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road
Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre

Chew On This: I didn't even mind that there were no signs of pork lard in my bowl of noodles. The shallot oil rocks!


Anonymous said...

So cheap!! And looks delicious!!

The Hungry Cow said...

Indeed. Cheap and good was this one! :D

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite store in Ghim moh!