Thursday, September 05, 2013

Our Dependable Casual Japanese Haunt

Staying in the east, I am a huge fan of Changi City Point, my favourite neighbourhood shopping mall, which is thankfully not Tampiness-mad-packed. 

When the family craves for a bit of Japanese food and is lazy to travel further than Expo (moohahaha!), we go to ichiban sushi. We like the casual and can wear lok kok comfortable vibes. Relatively affordable prices with reasonable food. :)  

My order of BBQ Chicken Wazen ($15.90) came with a generous slab of chicken thigh dressed in a flavourful sauce, a side of agedashi tofu, and salmon sashimi.

A new dish on the menu, the Wafu Beef Wazen ($17.90) was sizzling comfort. Slices of beef cleverly placed atop a rectangular slab of tofu to prevent over-cooking. Just watch the fire to prevent the bottom of the tofu from getting burnt. The miso sauce wasn't really as spicy as I had thought based on the menu, though it provided a nice savoury boost to the beef. A cup of chawanmushi and a plate of assorted tempura made up the rest of the set.

Because my sis subscribes to the "feed ya brother" school of thought, I had a taste of her Kurobuta Cheese Curry ($15.90). Moohehe. Wait. Cheese and curry?? Sounded like an odd combination but like some strange things that cannot be explained in life, it somehow works. Eat this with lotsa rice!

All the 3 above meals came with rice, miso soup, and watermelon slices.

Now say "ichiban" really fast 10 times and you might just get the person next to you asking you to scratch your bum. Moohahaha. Okok, sorry that was bad. :p

ichiban sushi
Changi City Point (other outlets available)
Tel: 6636 1638
Opens: 11.30am to 10pm (last order at 9.30pm)

Chew On This: A fan of Hokkaido? ichiban sushi is having a Hokkaido promo serving up Hokkaido ramen, beef, sanma, snowcrab etc.

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