Friday, September 27, 2013

Mussels Temptation

TV can be evil. And it doesn't have to be vampires or ghouls on the screen. 

While watching TV over dinner at home one weekday evening, scenes of steaming pots of mussels on a travel show made Mum and I salivate. We almoost decided to go eat some mussels after dinner but tahan-ed. Yes, thank you. My grammar is not bad. Moohehe.

Come Friday that very week, we ended up at Brussels Sprouts...for well, mussels. LOL.

The pot of Vin Blanc Mussels ($40 for the 750g portion) featured sweet mussels cooked in wine white, celery, butter and onions. The mollusks were tender and cooked perfectly. Hey free-flow of fries too! #carbsarefriends :D

Because of the damn TV show, even the pasta we ordered featured mussels! Moohaha. The Pates L'ail ($24) was a plate of pasta with mussels, olive oil, garlic and chilli sprinkled with finely chopped black olives.

This branch of Brussels Sprouts at the former Big Splash compound is airy, laid-back and good when one doesn't want to dress up for town. Now to see what else is on TV...

Brussels Sprouts
Block F
902 East Coast Parkway (other branches at Sentosa Cove & Robertson Quay)
Tel: 6346 4344

Chew On This: Enjoy 2 pots of mussels at just $30 (2 x 300g portion) or $60 (2 x 700g portion) during Mussel Madness! 5pm to 7pm and 10pm to 12 midnight on Mondays to Thursdays. 11pm to 1am on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays.

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