Sunday, September 08, 2013

Beef Soup & Beers at Chinatown Complex

Trudging through Friday evening traffic and the rain, I caught up with some friends from SIgN, an organisation where we all first met.  

You know you are in the company of science-y folks when you hear comments like "Hey your drink looks like bacterial culture". Moohaha. Ah that almoost clinical sense of humour that felt so familiar and warm. 

Anyway, a day before we met up, I was being tasked to select a place for dinner with the following criteria:
- causal
- must have beers
- got to have pescetarian-friendly food

So I decided on a hawker centre. LOL. Correct what. It satisfies all the above criteria! :p

Dinner for me was a bowl of Mixed Beef Soup ($4) and rice. Fairly tasty soup. Loved the pieces of tender, well-cooked ox tripe and brisket! 

As for the part on beers, there's no better place in Chinatown Complex than The Good Beer Company (#02-58). Order your food and ask this cool beer stall's owner, Daniel, to recommend a tipple to pair with your dish. I got this dark beauty from Ukraine. *feeling exotic* 

T'was a good night with ex-colleagues, moore beers and a packet of hot freshly-roasted gao lak (chestnuts). :)

Joo Chiat Beef King
Chinatown Complex
335 Smith Street

Chew On This: Instead of scalding cooked pieces of beef cuts to warm them up, this stall has them in a simmering square-shaped pot and fished out upon order. I walked by see already also cannot tahan lah. Moohehe.

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