Monday, August 12, 2013

Udon for Lunch

It was a work from outside day for me and my team (If I tell you where, udon say ah. Moohaha.) and this time we decided to head to Takashimaya for lunch as we also needed to get some magazines and craft paper.

I recall seeing a recent tweet by fellow blogger friend Daniel Food's Diary on an udon blog post and mistakenly thought it was at Takashimaya. That tweet was actually about Tamoya opening in Chinatown Point. BUT thankfully there's still an udon stall at Taka- Tsuru-Koshi!

Here's my order of Cha Shu Udon ($11). It was a simple bowl of thick chewy udon strands, two thin slices of pork cha shu and chopped spring onions in a light pork broth. I mooch enjoyed the udon's firm texture and smoothness.

Instead of pork, one can also opt for tempura prawns with your udon like my friend Kherray did, with the Ebi Tempura Udon ($9).

But the moost attention grabbing bowl at our table was Jael's Tan Tan Udon ($9). Udon know how proud she was of how her's looked the most yummy with a soft boiled egg. Moohaha. Break the yolk and stir everything together to get a mouthful of flavours. The sauce tasted like fermented beancurd with chilli and sesame oil that many enjoy with their porridge. The egg provided a smooth coat for each strand.

Udon know what it's like. Baby, udon know what it's like...

Opens: 10am to 9.30pm

Chew On This: Add $2 for moore udon!

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