Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miyazaki Wagyu Comes to Triple Three!

How to tempt a cow? With another cow of course. Moohehe. It was a busy week but the lure of trying Miyazaki wagyu won the battle.

Available for dinner and Sunday brunch only until 31 August 2013, this special promo offers delicacies from Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture at Triple Three. The star produce has to be Miyazaki wagyu.

Order up a Wagyu Sushi from the sushi counter and get an aburi-ed slab of beef draped over a small mound of rice. It was chewy, delectable and with a faint smokiness.

Another simple way to enjoy the Miyazaki wagyu is Shabu Shabu. Thin slices of beef quickly swished around in a simmering stock and served with onions, corn, tofu and spring onions.

Prefer ang moh style to enjoying beef? No problem. The Miyazaki Roast Beef was excellent if a tad fatty for some cuts. Clean, sweet flavours oozed here.

But for moo, the best Miyazaki dish that evening was the Teppanyaki Wagyu! Each piece of fatty beef was rich, smoky and had a lovely sweet-umami flavour. Two hooves up!

Besides the wagyu, there were also other dishes on the buffet spread.

Hello, seafood on ice fans? New Zealand oysters were shucked at another section.

Pasta with shaved black Urbani truffle. Italian truffle. Not Japan hor. Moohehe.

From Miyazaki was this Hamo aka Conger Eel. It was my first time trying this. Very unusual texture with soft, fluffy parts that resembled cooked white fish contrasting a chewy, rubbery portion closer to the skin. Flavour-wise, it was rather neutral.  

Sashimi of salmon, tuna, squid, swordfish and Miyazaki Wild Caught Kampachi were also available.

A huge chunk of Honey Glazed Ham tempted me but I held steady. #stillcannotbelieveit

I did have a bit of the Lamb Rack though. Nicely done here.

Guess which dessert I went for?

Give yourself a big pat on the back if your answer was- moore beef! Moohahaha. With this spread of Miyazaki wagyu, anything else on the plate would be a sin.

Thanks to Crystal Lim of Mandarin Orchard Singapore for the invitation.

Triple Three
Level 5
Mandarin Orchard Singapore
Tel6831 6288

Chew On This:

A cask of sake was hammered open at the opening ceremony to bring good luck. And quench thirsty guests. :p

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