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Cat Cora's Ocean Restaurant- Dining with an Underwater View!

Singapore has never seen so many international celebrity chefs setting up restaurants here than in the past few years, no thanks to the two Integrated Resorts. Over at Resorts World Sentosa earlier this year, American celebrity chef Cat Cora launched her Ocean Restaurant.

Cat Cora, whom many would know from watching Iron Chef, is the only female celebrity chef in Singapore. On the media preview night, she was personally at the entrance of her restaurant to welcome guests and later introduced the evening's dishes. Her restaurant here serves Mediterranean- Californian cuisine with sustainably sourced seafood.

Presented as the amuse bouche, the Sous Vide 48°C Ocean Trout with Sustainable Caviar & Prosecco Pear Crushed Almond, Vine Tomato Jelly & Garden Cress was a delicate way to start off the meal.

The next dish, Sakura Shrimp Risotto with Morel Mushroom, Black Truffle Butter Ikura & Seared Hokkaido Scallop, drew mixed reactions from diners I spoke with. I loved the comforting appeal of the the dish though it was moore like porridge than risotto for me.

The soup dish took the form of Vongole of Manila Clams with Spicy Sausage, Garlic Broth & Toasted Sesame Croutons. This was my favourite dish of the evening. The broth was clear with clean flavours of the clam and sausage.

We had two options for mains:

Grilled Basque Wagyu Striploin with Leek Bread Pudding & Roasted Sesame-Coriander Vegetables. The beef had a slightly tough chew. Flavours were alright though nothing really exciting.

I should have known to stick to seafood in a seafood restaurant. Moohehe. The King Salmon with Mandarin-Habanero Glaze, Meyer Lemon Cous Cous & Hot House Cilantro featured a slab of salmon cooked to perfection.

Here's the red wine served that evening- Luis Filipe Edwards Family Selection Gran Reserva Merlot 2010. Fresh, soft tannins and easy-drinking.

The meal ended with the 'After Eight' Mint Variation with Chocolate.

While the food won't really draw me back...

this will! The large panel showcasing schools of fishes, manta rays, sharks and other sea creatures swimming past the dining table certainly makes for a dramatic backdrop over a meal. There's something very calming and soothing just watching these beautiful sea creatures.  

The above 5-course set dinner was available at $158++. While the dishes might still be on the ala carte menu, please check with the restaurant on their availability as a set.

Thanks to Mathtew de Bakker of Weber Shandwick for the invitation and Cat Cora and her staff at Ocean Restaurant for hosting me.

Disclaimer: No stingrays were slathered with sambal and BBQ-ed during this dining experience.

Ocean Restaurant
22 Sentosa Gateway, Marine Life Park
South East Asian Aquarium
Resorts World Sentosa
Tel: 6577 6688

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