Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Makankakis at Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant

I first ate at Ming Kee when the makankakis organised a dinner there yeaaars ago and enjoyed it enough to return with friends and family on a number of occasions. When I saw that the makankakis were organising another dinner there, signing up was a no brainer. 

Later did I realise that it was a new restaurant with a rather similar name just down the road from the Ming Kee I remembered. Apparently the sun left #sghaze son left and opened his own restaurant- Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant.

The first dish that made its way to our table brought out the cameras and phones. Steamed Boston Lobster with Garlic was steamed to perfection with springy, meaty flesh. I love the loads of garlic and, I'm guessing, a bit of chai poh. 

Next came the Jumbo Canadian Oyster. These oysters were really jumbo sized! Smothered in a black bean sauce, it was quite creamy though I am still no fan of oysters.

Steamed Soon Hock was right up my alley. Chunks of fish with a bit of fattiness for flavour and smooth texture, steamed Hong Kong style. Simple and soooo gooood.

The dish that is always ordered on each of my visit to Ming Kee is their signature Triple Cooked Crab Bee Hoon. The version here had very fresh crabs and tasty bee hoon but was a tad too salty. Wish there was moore bee hoon too.  

Braised Crocodile Horn-Strip in Superior Stock. This turned out to be too starchy for my liking. Is that Prada crocodile skin? :p

For something less adventurous, the Smoked Duck Breast rocks. Smoky like bacon but with an appeal that was a cross between roast duck and ham. Yummy!

The other meat dish we had was the Guinness Sauce Short Rib. A bit oily but nice sticky, savouriness appeal to this pork rib dish. 

Dinned ended with the Home-made Coconut Jelly. A dessert that I find to be average and a tad pricey.

And of course, besides the wonderful companions at the table, we had these alcoholic ones. Moohehe.

Seafood is the star here and they do them pretty darn well!

Ming Kee Live Seafood
520 MacPherson Road
Tel: 6744 5520

Chew On This: Unlike the father's Ming Kee restaurant along the same road, this one does not do walk-ins. Reservation only. Hmm..not sure if that's a smart thing to do. 

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