Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Dinner at Manhill Restaurant

It was a recce trip for something I won't disclose or at least not at this stage but one had to have dinner   so we popped into the near by Manhill Restaurant.

Claypot are apparently their specialty. The Pot Beef ($14 for small) had chunks of beef brisket in a dark sauce. It was quite oily but also very flavoursome. Yay for pieces of tendons stewed until they were gelatinous! For me, two small bet-you-will-kick-yourself-if-you-missed-these items stood out- garlic and onions. These were whole, soft, sweet and infused with the braising stock.

For something lighter, try the Fish and Tofu Soup ($6). The tofu was a generous portion and ginger accented the soup which proved to be a nice palate cleanser from the other oily dishes.

The vegetable dish of Foo Yu Lettuce ($8) had a slight savoury touch from the fermented beancurd but was also rather oily.

Hor Fun ($8 for small) packed wok hei. The kway teow was dark, smoky and had a tad of sweetness. Thick slices of lean pork, cuttlefish, prawns, fish and chye sim in a smooth starchy gravy completed the rest of the dish.

Overall, there was a rustic and homecooked quality to the food here. :)

Manhill Restaurant
99 & 99A Pasir Panjang Road
Tel: 6474 6835

Chew On This: This restaurant started in 1964, just one year shy of Singapore's independence!

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