Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bak Chang Season!

I know it is time for bak chang or rice dumplings season when my mum offers me a bak chang twice a day. Moohahaha.

I received some bak chang love from Man Fu Yuan too. Their Babi Ponteh Dumpling ($8.80) was pretty yummy with sweet-savoury flavours of braised pork, fermented soy bean paste, cinnamon and a bit of gula melaka.

For a super luxurious gift option, consider Szechuan Court's Premium Dumping ($288). This 1kg mammoth-sized dumpling was chock full of goodies like dried scallop, African abalone, dried Matsutake mushrooms, Alaskan king crab meat, Hong Kong dried shrimps and...

two pieces of foie gras! Overall, this dumpling packed heaps of seafood flavours with a spicy touch.

Happy bak chang-ing everyone! :D

Thanks to InterContinental Singapore and Fairmont Singapore for the dumplings.

Chew On This: Even though bak chang is available all-year round, there's something special about eating it in its season lah.

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