Friday, May 03, 2013

Superb Gravies at Kinara!

Some times deciding on where to eat at is really spontaneous and depends on quite a bit of time and chance. For example last week when we decided to try a western seafood restaurant along East Coast Road, we faced hurdles of finding a car park, and impending rain. The last blow was being informed of a wait time of 1 hour. @#$%. Ahem. With all signs seemingly against our dinner plans there, we mooved off in search of another place before the storm.

That's when we spotted this North Indian restaurant, Kinara, near the supermarket we were aiming for post-dinner grocery shopping.

Papadums with a mint yogurt dip welcomed us. :)

Then the Kinara Fish Curry ($15.90), Saffron Rice ($5) and Plain Nann ($2.50) arrived. The Kinara Fish Curry was superb! Creamy, aromatic and with a spiciness that comes at the end, the curry was awesome with the naan and over rice. Chunks of fish (I am guessing Dory) were coated in a light batter before being fried and finished in the curry.

The Saffron Rice featured basamati rice from Dehradoon, an area in India apparently known for the rice. I found it pleasant with long, fluffy grains but otherwise nothing to shout about. And at $5 for a bowl which hardly fed me, I do feel it's a tad expensive.

The Murgh Tikka Masala ($15.90) is a must order! Like the fish curry, this gravy was awesome. Rich and heady, the gravy also contained black specks of olive vegetable. Yes, that salty stuff that comes from a jar and which many like to go with porridge. It was a very surprising ingredient (authentic or not, I am not sure) but it was 100% delicious in the masala gravy!

Not surprisingly, we ordered another portion of naan to mop up all the gravies. :D

I left feeling belly happy with the rich, punchy if only there were better priced rice.


6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1
#01-28 UE Bizhub East
Tel: 6604 7016

Chew On This: They do catering, and home deliveries via Foodpanda, too.

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