Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunday Brunch at LaBrezza

Sunday brunches are a great way to unwind and pamper one's stomach(s). LaBrezza, located at The St Regis Singapore, boasts a swimming pool view and a quiet, refined, relaxed charm.

The Italian Sunday Prosecco Brunch ($98++ with free flow prosecco) comes with a buffet spread of salads and antipasti...

A small selection of good cheeses.

Cured meats! Salami, 12-year and 24-year Prosciutto di Parma anyone? :D

Very, very good cherry tomatoes. These deceptively simple fruit blew me away with their burst of juicy, ripe sweetness.

Main courses and desserts are served upon order which means say good bye to soggy, insipid hot food from the buffet table. Yay!

Pizza Vesuvio spotted a nice slightly thick crust, warm gooey mix of cheese and tomato sauce and dotted with Italian sausage.

What's brunch without eggs right? The Uovo Tartufate e Fontina (45-minute poached eggs with fontina, truffle sauce) was one of my favourite items there. Perfectly poached eggs with a salty, creamy fontina cheese sauce that went well with the rich runny yolks. And a whiff of truffle to make this lagi shiok! Moohehe.

Don't miss out on the pastas too. Handmade fresh pastas served a la minute.

The Pomodoro Fresco (tomato on vine, aged ricotta cheese, basil) was simple and delicious. I suspect they either used the excellent cherry tomatoes mentioned earlier or a very good tomato sauce.

I really like how the simplicity of the pasta dishes and the use of good ingredients allowed them to shine. The Aglio Olio (garlic and dried chilli) and Vongole (clams in marinara sauce) were also worth twirling the fork for. Flavours were clean, clear and balanced.

The menu listed a "Risotto Special". On my visit, this was a toothsome piggy risotto made with Cotechino, a cured meat product made from the foot of the pig. and Scamorza cheese. Overall very comforting with some smokiness.

From the grill, unfortunately most of the items were quite charred resulting in bitterness. :(

Scottadito (grilled Australian lamb chops, lemon-mint marinade, roasted potatoes). Baa baa black sheep. The chicken, steak and prawns seemed to also follow suit. Le sigh.

Thankfully, there was a saving grace in the Spigola con broccoli e crema di patate (seabass with broccoli, cream of potato). Moist flesh with a crisp skin.

Mooving on to desserts. Here's the Zabaglione (Marsala Sabayon with fresh fruit) at the top and the Cannoli alla Siciliana (pistachio cannoli, candied lemon) at the bottom. I like the latter for the mix of crunchy biscuit texture and creamy ricotta cheese filling. The candied lemon imparted a nice citrus flavour to balance this dessert.

The other dessert that mooved me was the Tiramisu (whipped mascarpone cheese, espresso, lady finger biscuits). It was unctuous, very light and felt like the prefect way to end brunch.

Everything was washed down with Ca'del Sette Prosecco DOCG. A delicate and crisp prosecco with flavours of pear, melons and a touch of minerals.

The spread is not extensive but it is still quite a good selection of quality eats. I just hope that they fix the grill issue.

Thank you Jackson and Jesmine of The St Regis Singapore for the invitation.

Level 2, The St Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Road
Tel: 6506 6884

Chew On This: LaBrezza means "breeze" in Italian.

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