Friday, May 31, 2013

"China Food" at Chinatown

Chinatown used to offer Chinese food, cuisines from the different Chinese dialect groups who have settled in Singapore and after years, whose food has become "Singaporeanised". Today, it is bustling with specialty stalls selling dishes from parts of China. Really CHINAtown now. Moohehe.

Here at Oriental Chinese Restaurant which was packed with diners on our visit, order up some side dishes and snacks to nibble with beer. Chinese beer, of course. :) The slivers of seaweed, jellyfish, dried beancurd sheets and cucumbers were a mix of salty, spicy (just a bit) and oily. The sticks of pumpkin coated with a batter of salted egg yolk were moreish. Hey just curious and pardon my ignorance, is salted egg commonly eaten in China?

The Zha Jiang Mian was a let down with a weak sauce. On the other hand, the Fried Eggs with Tomatoes was a super comforting dish with tasty, smooth scrambled eggs and the fresh savouriness of tomatoes.

The Jiao Zhi (dumplings) contained the popular mix of minced pork and chives. The Chong You Bing (Onions Pancake) brought back memoories of Roti Prata Bawang Kosong. LOL. A crisp exterior with slightly chewy insides studded with chopped onions.

The food was anything but bland. Take the skewers for example, shitake mushrooms, chicken, pig intestines, pork belly etc were all dusted with a heady power-packed spice mix. I am guessing coriander seeds, cumin and chilli powder were in the mix.

The skewers were delicious but eat with rice or plain buns as the saltiness could build up after a few sticks. For the adventurous, try the chicken heart skewers which had a chewy, springy texture. That should give courage no?  

Oriental Chinese Restaurant
195 New Bridge Road
Tel: 6227 7769

Chew On This: Ordered one too many dishes, ask for a takeaway box! The staff are happy to oblige.

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