Monday, May 27, 2013

Always Satisfying, Always Tonkichi

Like many explainable things in life, I was suddenly craving for tonkatsu (moohaha) and thankfully knew where to get my fix. After many moooonths since I last had a meal there, I returned to Tonkichi. 

The Hire & Rosu Katsu Set ($23) was my kind of happy meal. Perfectly fried pork fillet and loin that were juicy with a nice crust of crispy panko aka Japanese bread crumbs. Free refills of rice and crisp cabbage salad (highly underrated) too! Grind up some sesame seeds and add to it the tonkatsu sauce for added flavours.

Oh and see the different colours inside the pork fillet? "White" and "red" meat? Moohehe. The white part was leaner while the dark portion offered more chew and a deeper flavour. 

Miso soup is included in the set but if you want to amp up your bowl, opt to upgrade it to the Tonjiru at an additional $6. This big bowl of miso-based soup comes chock full of ingredients- tofu, carrots, mushrooms, sliced pork, radish, and a chewy konnyaku-like jelly.

For less pork and more seafood, the May promotion of Chirashi Set ($32) offered lots to eat- sashimi on a bed of sushi rice, soba, fried chicken salad, miso soup and cheese katsu. The cheese katsu had a creamy cheesy centre. Interesting but also kinda rich/jelak after a bit.

A simple dish of watermelon ended the meal.

Good on its own and also awesome with the breaded fried pork is Sapporo Beer! Check out the frosty mug. The beer was kept colder for a longer time. :)

In the month of May, get 2 mugs of Sapporo Beer at just $12! Sweeet.

Oh Tonkichi, how I have missed you!

Tampines Mall (other branches at Orchard Central, Shaw House & Ngee Ann City)
Tel: 6789 1726

Chew On This: Sign up for their membership card if you are dining here! You will get 100% of the subscription fee back in cash vouchers plus be entitled to 10% discount (20% during your birthday month).

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