Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yummeh Beef Ball!

We were initially targeting Vietnamese beef pho but somehow got lured in by this Chinese beef ball soup which turned out to be excellent. Proof that one can plan but sometimes just follow your heart lah.

The Three In One Beef Soup ($5; additional 50cents for rice) came with beef ball, tendon ball and beef slices in a light but tasty soup with crunchy blanched beans sprouts. While the beef slices were tenderised and lack beefy flavour, the beef balls were very good- nice firm bite without being overly dense and floury and with a good beefy flavour. Dip them into the chilli sauce for a bit more (tangy, chilli and garlic) kick!

The Beef & Tendon Ball Dry Bee Hoon ($5) featured the dry version with a gooey brown sauce that packed heaps of five spice. I mooch prefer the soup version here. :)

The Beef House
151 Joo Chiat Road (shares the premise with Rong Seafood)

Chew On This: Planning a home party? Buy back frozen beef slices, beef ball, tendon ball and chilli sauce here!


FoodieFC said...

I like beef soup / noodles too! Esp if the soup is like yet with beefy flavours (not the salty type)!

a said...

Thanks for this intro, missed it zillion times in joo chiat area, gonna try it out :)