Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthday Dinner with the Family at hippopotamus

Ok so watching Nat Geo will probably tell you that a cow in a hippo eating a cow does not happen. But try running around crazy in blistering heat on a scorching Saturday and it would make that moore believable. Moohehe.

After a work event that was so tiring but fun, I rushed to meet the family for my birthday dinner at Hippopotamus. It's apparently a casual French restaurant that specialises in affordable steaks.

Here's my Skirt Steak ($18.90). The muscle structure of this cut made it a tad tougher and more chewy but I  quite enjoyed its bite and flavour.

Mum and Sis (and later me. Moohaha) shared the Sirloin Steak ($49.90). A 480g thick chunk of sirloin was quite lean with a rich, irony beef flavour.

For those who can't decide on their cut, there's the Beef Skewer ($21.90)- a mix of sirloin, rump, skirt and hanger on well....a skewer.

Hippopotamus is a casual, family-friendly restaurant with decent, reasonably priced food and good service on that evening we were there. Though I am not fond of long queues, I can see why there was one.

Marina Square 

Tel: 63385352 
Opens: 11am - 10.30pm daily

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to read that there is a Hippo in Singapore. I like the casual style dining and its family oriented service is one of the rare ones in France. My kids enjoy dining there as they leave with balloons and sweets.

The Hungry Cow said...

Yes, they opened here in Singapore about 1-2 years ago if my memoory is correct. Got to say the service is pretty good! :)