Monday, April 08, 2013

Beef Pho Birthday Dinner with Friends

It was a challenging week at work (what's new? moohaha) and after clearing whatever I could, I was happy to meet friends for a simple pho dinner to celebrate two important occasions- TGIF and my birthday. :p

While waiting for friends to arrive I decided to join the queue at Nam Nam Noodle Bar. The lure of a hot bowl of beef pho on a Friday evening made this cow patiently wait in line.

The Pho Beef Combination ($9.90) was very good. The soup was a robust broth of beefy sweetness with hints of herbs and star anise. Very flavourful yet clean at the same time. A squeeze of lime, a dash of fish sauce and a dab of chilli sauce added moore complexity. "Beef combination" meant this bowl came with beef tendons, beef balls, ox tripe and beef slices. There was a certain refined quality in this beef pho.

Under the "Other classic Vietnamese noodle recipes from Southern and Central Vietnam" section of the menu, Hushie decided to try this Dry Yellow Curry Duck Noodle ($8.90). This dish drew a mixed reaction from those at the table. I found the beehoon to have a pleasant almost smooth softness but felt the gravy was bland. Others felt it was rather strong tasting and of an acquired taste. What say you?

For a Vietnamese sub, try the Caramelised 5-spice Pork Belly & Pork Pate Banh Mi. I didn't try this as I am scared of raw cilantro. Moohehe.

Happy dinner it was. Now if only they had a 3x portion of the noodles!

Nam Nam Noodle Bar
Raffles City Shopping Centre 
 (other outlet at Wheelock Place) 
Tel: 6336 0500

Chew On This: for condiments.


timing said...

First time I've come across a $9.90 bowl of noodles for birthday celebration lol! Happy belated birthday!

The Hungry Cow said...

timing: I ish simple to satisfy. Moohehe. Thanks and happy honey mooning! :D