Thursday, March 07, 2013

For times when the beef noodles stall is closed...

I normally go for a bowl of beef noodles or and beef soup from a particular stall when I am in what is more commonly known as Lavender Food Centre but on one Sunday afternoon when the usually bustling stall was closed, I had to graze elsewhere.

I spied plates of guotie on a number of tables and decided to have a go myself. The Guotie (12 pieces for $5) were golden nuggets containing a tasty filling of pork, ginger and chives with a satisfying chewy skin with crisp parts.

For a simple carbo fix, I opted for the Zha Jiang Mian ($4) at the same stall. The noodles were handmade in-house and smooth but were a tad soft for my liking. The rich minced pork sauce was generously slathered over the noodles and strips of cucumber. A dash of black vinegar brought everything together. This cow is already having spag bol fantasies of a deep tomato flavour and substituting the pork for beef....moohehe,

Mum decided to try the Shanghainese Fried Rice Cakes ($4.50) but it turned out to be bland and unappealing.

Not wanting to waste food, I mixed the rice cakes together with some leftover Zha Jiang Mian Sauce for a better result. LOL.

Sometimes I need to thank the unexpectedly closed stalls, else I would not have tried others.

Ju Hao
New Century Food Paradise
380 Jalan Besar Road

Chew On This: Buy back frozen Guotie (30 pieces for $10) and enjoy them in the comfort of your home!


Anonymous said...

deep fried guotie.

Only in Singapore.

The Hungry Cow said...

Anonymous: Yep. Sad to say moost stalls in Singapore deep fry them out of convenience.

Anonymous said...

Hi, if you like beef noodles may I suggest the one at #01-01 Boon Keng Hawker Centre. IMO, the one at Boon Keng is way better than the one at Lavendar Square/ Eminent Plaza.

Anonymous said...

Any idea where the stall moved to? It has been replaced by Chinatown beef noodles.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it has been replaced by Chinatown beef noodles who could not conjure up the same standard. Their soup is too salty and very cloudy. They also put radish in their soup causing a soury taste. Hope the other stall actually moved elusewhere rather than the boss retiring, I have known the boss for more than 25 years.

Unknown said...

Yes. Its the original Hwa Heng Beef noodles of Scotts Picnic days. The stall started in the hey days in a coffee shop along north bridge road opposite Odeon Theatre .