Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The "Little" Jalan Tua Kong

Much have been said of food wars in Singapore. Tau huay wars, roti prata wars, laksa wars, bak kwa wars, star wars mee pok wars etc. Many devoted fans of Jalan Tua Kong patiently wait for their bowl of noodles at the stall each morning. I once waited 45 minutes for mine and it was enough to put me off. I mean I would have digested that bowl of noodles in the same amount of time. Moohahaha.

So enter the "little" Jalan Tua Kong- a noodle stall just about 2 minutes walk from the popular one. It might not have the same following and crowds but its slightly cheaper price, better value (in my opinion) and moore than decent noodles are certainly perks in my books.

I had a bowl of Minced Pork Kway Teow Soup ($3.50 for small) which was pure comfort especially given that it was rainy that day. Thick ribbons of kway teow luxuriate in a clear but tasty broth with fragrant fried bits of garlic. The "liao" (okok, ingleedients) consisted of a fishball (smallish, supple), pork ball, prawn, minced pork and slices of fishcake. Not bad eh?  

And because the rain didn't stop *inserts song "blame it on the weatherman!"*, I had a second bowl of noodles. This time, I went for the dry variant- a Mince Pork Mee Kia Dry ($3.50 for small). Featuring the same ingredients as the earlier mentioned bowl, the dry version had a pretty good mix of chilli and vinegar. What really perked it up for me was fried shallots and its infused oil. Charming. :)

Jln Tua Kong Branch
308 Bedok Road
Bedok Shopping Centre
Chew On This: Unlike the other Jalan Tua Kong stall, this one opens for dinner.

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