Thursday, February 28, 2013

Super Time at Super Brunch Again!

I still vividly remember my first Super Brunch experience where I treated my family to mark my first year on the job.

When I received an invite to another Super Brunch at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, this cow happily trotted along to relive the memoories.

The seafood station with king crabs, lobsters, oysters, mussels, prawns, scallops etc remains an evergreen hit.

And just as I was awed by the huge-ness of this buffet lineup and their items the first time, I continue to revel in the luxurious almoost over the top decadence.

Slow Roasted Whole Freaking Leg of Wagyu anyone? Human beings can certainly hide behind this mammoth juicy hunk of beef. I would have been happy to pull up a chair behind this leg and secretly slice away into bovine bliss. Moohehe.

How about some (giant) baguette? LOL.

Fresh sashimi was also available and the highlight was a whole tuna on display. Ask and ye shall receive thy chutoro!

 Tell the guy that asked who moved his cheese that they are all at the Super Brunch. Over 90 varieties of farmhouse cheeses! Sadly, I don't think I can ever cover this entire spread...

...Not when there are still two cured legs of ham! Jamon and Parma ham fans rejoice.

 C A V I A R

Through the freeflowing Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage and Rose Champagnes, I could still remember I had second helpings of this lobster noodles soup. Slight spicy and very fragrant with lobster oil, the broth was perfect with the noodles which were made of fish meat. SLURPS.

The Super Brunch is very much a visual spectacular and one's eyes will be as well fed as one's tummy.

Cue the whole salmon beautifully displayed and yummy portions in cute little tins.

 Duck pate and foie gras? Check.

This little piggie drew quite a few stares. Oink oink.

Besides Moet & Chandon Champagnes, there's also an option for freeflow of Dom Perignon Vintage 2003 if you purchase this ticket accordingly.

A media friend alerted me to the slightly hidden Belvedere bar that most people seemed to just walk by without knowing it's there. The Belvedere Cucumber Cuban on the right was refreshing with Belvedere Pink Grapefruit as its base.

Dessert was a huge spread like everything else there but check out these cute macaroon men/robots! Moohehe.

The Super Brunch is not just about food and Champagnes, it's about the conviviality and merry-making. A large group of French diners and chefs were cheering and this group of local diners began yum seng-ing! Clearly everyone there was a high spirits. :p

Thanks to Wen Xian for hosting moo.

Super Brunch
Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Tel: 6434 5288

Chew On This: Mark your calenders. The next Super Brunch is on 17 March and is new Executive Chef Massimo Pasquarelli. I hear this time there will be new additions of a 30kg whole pig porchetta and a 10kg roast lamb on a oak fire spit among others! $218++ per adult with freeflow Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2004 Brut and 2002 Rose Champagnes; $368++ per adult with freeflow Dom Perignon Vintage 2003 Champagne.


Camemberu said...

This was one epic brunch!

FoodieFC said...

wow, u went back! I rmb reading abt this post before. Looks darn good!

The Hungry Cow said...

Camemberu: Agreed! I wonder if there will be a brunch that can top this one.

FoodieFC: Not cheap but certainly worth going for the experience. :)