Friday, February 22, 2013

Soothing Porridge on a Friday Night

It was an interview that somehow led to dinner. Extended interview perhaps. Moohaha.

Anyway, our theory is that most people would "sin" and choose to indulge on Friday evenings but when one has had too many rich meals or after a big glass of green tea latte (sorry Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf, I still mooch prefer Starbuck's stronger green tea and less vanilla-y version), porridge can be quite the perfect comfort.

In a leap of faith, we entered Singapore Style Porridge that was sadly empty.

I tried their Minced Pork and Salmon Porridge ($6.50; additional 50 cents for an egg). Not bad with a smooth porridge that was topped with small crisp silverfish, minced pork, thin slices of salmon and you tiao. Wish the you tiao had been crispy. I like salty burst from the silverfish and tung chai (preserved vegetable). My favourite part was the salmon slices. These babies were cooked to perfection by the residual heat of the porridge, offering an almost silky texture.

If you're in a fishy mood, try their Two Fish Porridge ($7) with batang and salmon slices. The condiments of tung chai, spring onions and fried shallots are thoughtfully served separately so one can add according to one's preference.

Apparently the porridge here is "Singapore style"- a cross between the watery Teochew version and the sticky Cantonese congee. Was it terribly exciting? No. But when it comes to comfort, I don't really need excitement.

Oh and we bumped into Mr and Mrs Steak Lovers' Association (SLA) here! Small world indeed. And I think it's a sign of a SLA dinner coming up. :)

Singapore Style Porridge
228 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: 6345 5163
Opens: 11am to 9pm

Chew On This: See the silhouette of the Moses Lim standee in the above photo? Step in and see good ol' Tan Ah Teck!

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