Thursday, February 28, 2013

Super Time at Super Brunch Again!

I still vividly remember my first Super Brunch experience where I treated my family to mark my first year on the job.

When I received an invite to another Super Brunch at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, this cow happily trotted along to relive the memoories.

The seafood station with king crabs, lobsters, oysters, mussels, prawns, scallops etc remains an evergreen hit.

And just as I was awed by the huge-ness of this buffet lineup and their items the first time, I continue to revel in the luxurious almoost over the top decadence.

Slow Roasted Whole Freaking Leg of Wagyu anyone? Human beings can certainly hide behind this mammoth juicy hunk of beef. I would have been happy to pull up a chair behind this leg and secretly slice away into bovine bliss. Moohehe.

How about some (giant) baguette? LOL.

Fresh sashimi was also available and the highlight was a whole tuna on display. Ask and ye shall receive thy chutoro!

 Tell the guy that asked who moved his cheese that they are all at the Super Brunch. Over 90 varieties of farmhouse cheeses! Sadly, I don't think I can ever cover this entire spread...

...Not when there are still two cured legs of ham! Jamon and Parma ham fans rejoice.

 C A V I A R

Through the freeflowing Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage and Rose Champagnes, I could still remember I had second helpings of this lobster noodles soup. Slight spicy and very fragrant with lobster oil, the broth was perfect with the noodles which were made of fish meat. SLURPS.

The Super Brunch is very much a visual spectacular and one's eyes will be as well fed as one's tummy.

Cue the whole salmon beautifully displayed and yummy portions in cute little tins.

 Duck pate and foie gras? Check.

This little piggie drew quite a few stares. Oink oink.

Besides Moet & Chandon Champagnes, there's also an option for freeflow of Dom Perignon Vintage 2003 if you purchase this ticket accordingly.

A media friend alerted me to the slightly hidden Belvedere bar that most people seemed to just walk by without knowing it's there. The Belvedere Cucumber Cuban on the right was refreshing with Belvedere Pink Grapefruit as its base.

Dessert was a huge spread like everything else there but check out these cute macaroon men/robots! Moohehe.

The Super Brunch is not just about food and Champagnes, it's about the conviviality and merry-making. A large group of French diners and chefs were cheering and this group of local diners began yum seng-ing! Clearly everyone there was a high spirits. :p

Thanks to Wen Xian for hosting moo.

Super Brunch
Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Tel: 6434 5288

Chew On This: Mark your calenders. The next Super Brunch is on 17 March and is new Executive Chef Massimo Pasquarelli. I hear this time there will be new additions of a 30kg whole pig porchetta and a 10kg roast lamb on a oak fire spit among others! $218++ per adult with freeflow Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2004 Brut and 2002 Rose Champagnes; $368++ per adult with freeflow Dom Perignon Vintage 2003 Champagne.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Soothing Porridge on a Friday Night

It was an interview that somehow led to dinner. Extended interview perhaps. Moohaha.

Anyway, our theory is that most people would "sin" and choose to indulge on Friday evenings but when one has had too many rich meals or after a big glass of green tea latte (sorry Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf, I still mooch prefer Starbuck's stronger green tea and less vanilla-y version), porridge can be quite the perfect comfort.

In a leap of faith, we entered Singapore Style Porridge that was sadly empty.

I tried their Minced Pork and Salmon Porridge ($6.50; additional 50 cents for an egg). Not bad with a smooth porridge that was topped with small crisp silverfish, minced pork, thin slices of salmon and you tiao. Wish the you tiao had been crispy. I like salty burst from the silverfish and tung chai (preserved vegetable). My favourite part was the salmon slices. These babies were cooked to perfection by the residual heat of the porridge, offering an almost silky texture.

If you're in a fishy mood, try their Two Fish Porridge ($7) with batang and salmon slices. The condiments of tung chai, spring onions and fried shallots are thoughtfully served separately so one can add according to one's preference.

Apparently the porridge here is "Singapore style"- a cross between the watery Teochew version and the sticky Cantonese congee. Was it terribly exciting? No. But when it comes to comfort, I don't really need excitement.

Oh and we bumped into Mr and Mrs Steak Lovers' Association (SLA) here! Small world indeed. And I think it's a sign of a SLA dinner coming up. :)

Singapore Style Porridge
228 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: 6345 5163
Opens: 11am to 9pm

Chew On This: See the silhouette of the Moses Lim standee in the above photo? Step in and see good ol' Tan Ah Teck!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mala Yong Tau Foo

I first blogged about this Mala Yong Tau Foo ($4.20 for 6 items with rice/noodles; additional 60 cents for Mala soup) about 2 years ago and am happy I have revisited it recently.

The selection of Yong Tau Foo items still remains good with some interesting items like luncheon meat and kelp. The soup is not as spicy as it looks but just adds a mild numbing feel (from the Szechuan peppercorns) and a touch of heat. Good option if one is tired of the the usual ikan bilis and soy beans stock or laksa version though it's a far cry from the searing mala hot pots.

Yong Tau Foo
Food District Food Court
1 Sophia Road
Peace Centre

Chew On This: It's nice to see that this stall pays a bit more attention to details for eg it adds ice to the stuffed tofu to keep it chilled and fresh and peels the tough fibrous outer skin of the broccoli stems.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The "Little" Jalan Tua Kong

Much have been said of food wars in Singapore. Tau huay wars, roti prata wars, laksa wars, bak kwa wars, star wars mee pok wars etc. Many devoted fans of Jalan Tua Kong patiently wait for their bowl of noodles at the stall each morning. I once waited 45 minutes for mine and it was enough to put me off. I mean I would have digested that bowl of noodles in the same amount of time. Moohahaha.

So enter the "little" Jalan Tua Kong- a noodle stall just about 2 minutes walk from the popular one. It might not have the same following and crowds but its slightly cheaper price, better value (in my opinion) and moore than decent noodles are certainly perks in my books.

I had a bowl of Minced Pork Kway Teow Soup ($3.50 for small) which was pure comfort especially given that it was rainy that day. Thick ribbons of kway teow luxuriate in a clear but tasty broth with fragrant fried bits of garlic. The "liao" (okok, ingleedients) consisted of a fishball (smallish, supple), pork ball, prawn, minced pork and slices of fishcake. Not bad eh?  

And because the rain didn't stop *inserts song "blame it on the weatherman!"*, I had a second bowl of noodles. This time, I went for the dry variant- a Mince Pork Mee Kia Dry ($3.50 for small). Featuring the same ingredients as the earlier mentioned bowl, the dry version had a pretty good mix of chilli and vinegar. What really perked it up for me was fried shallots and its infused oil. Charming. :)

Jln Tua Kong Branch
308 Bedok Road
Bedok Shopping Centre
Chew On This: Unlike the other Jalan Tua Kong stall, this one opens for dinner.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

CNY Dinner at Xiao Yi's

The maternal side of the family gathered at Xiao Yi's place for our annual CNY dinner and, bless Xiao Yi's generous heart, what a feast it was! :)

She must have spent the whole day preparing the meats, seafood, mushrooms, assorted balls etc for the steamboat which had two types of soup bases- chicken and mala.

Check out what I call "lazy man crabs"! Easy to cook and eat. Moohehehe.

There was also ngoh hiang and the above shown Yi Pin Guo.

The family's alkies were happy too. LOL.

Chew On This: Festive seasons are all about family...and food. :)

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Huat ah!!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

My First CNY Lo Hei This Year

It's been a busy few months and I had to turn down a number of CNY tasting invites. But I made it to just one- Xin Cuisine. It's always a nice feeling to return to Xin Cuisine. The CNY dinners the past 2 years have not disappointed. :)

Xin's Superior Fruit & Seafood Yu Sheng ($488) featured the same beautiful sashimi ice platter as last year but a different mix for the yu sheng. Purple cabbage gave it a crunch and sweetness quite like coleslaw while fruits like melon and mango added more texture and a refreshing fruity touch. The sashimi served up in the ice carving included Australian lobster, tuna, geoduck, salmon, cobia and amaebi (Japanese sweet prawn).

The next dish served was the Superior Soup with Bamboo Pith and Fish Maw ($28 per serving). The soup tasted like it had been slowly simmering away for hours- rich, balanced and just a bit creamy. Fans of fresh fish maw would be happy with the thick, gelatinous piece. 

The Xin Eight Treasure Royal Duck ($198) was essentially a luxe Chinese duck stew. A whole duck was braised till tender and served in a big pot with black Chinese mushrooms, whole abalones, sea cucumber, lotus seed, snow lotus seed (transparent and a first time for me) and black moss (fatt choy!). 

I like the Sauteed Yacon with Prawn, Scallop and Fresh Mushroom (from $38, depending on size). Yacon, a tuber, is crunchy and a bit sweet. Pair that with prawns, scallops and asparagus for a delicate-tasting dish. Hey who mooved the mushroom?   

Fish that evening was a Soon Huat Hock- Steamed Marble Goby with Cordecep Flower, Mushroom and Fungus (seasonal price). The sauce was very tasty and fish steamed nicely. 

A bonus dish of Sauteed Snow Lotus Seed with Scrambled Egg and Crab Meat (from $32- depending on size) appeared due to special request. This was comforting with the smooth, fluffy scrambled egg whites and crab meat pleasing my Cantonese soul.
So that the rest of the year will be sweet, moost eat something sweet. Dessert was a tasting plate of Xin Cuisine's popular alcoholic Champagne Ball (sesame encrusted ball, deepfried and with pipping hot liquid) and Xin’s Premium Layered Nian Gao ($48). The nian gao is gummy without being overly sweet and went well with the fried yam that tapered some of the sweetness.
Have a Blessed Happy Chinese New Year with good eats and prosperity!
Thanks to Eunice of Holiday Inn Atrium for the invitation and the rest of the team for hosting moo.
Xin Cuisine
Level 4
Holiday Inn Atrium
317 Outram Road
Tel: 6731 7173

Chew On This: Xin Cuisine is helmed by Chinese Executive Chef Kwan Yiu Kan from Guangdong, with 38 years of culinary experience.