Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slurpilicious Dry Ramen

After nibbling on nibbles at an event, the few of us who needed real dinner headed for ramen. Like a bowl of bak chor mee, ramen is a perfect late-night comfort especially after a few drinks.

This cow opted for the Tsukemen ($14.90) with black soup- a dry style of ramen served separately with a bowl of black soup. The ramen was a little curly and had a nice bite. It sort of brought to mind happy memoories of Myjo noodles but was certainly better. Pick some noodles with your chopsticks, dip into the black soup and slurp away. The black soup was thick, fragrant and nutty.

The accompaniments of bamboo shoots and sliced leeks were great to enhance yet balance the intensity of the soup. The chashu leaned towards the lean side.

What is beautiful about this dish is that one can order up to 5x the noodle portion. Moohehe. A single serving size is 120g so a 5x portion is a massive 600g! Certainly no joke....and no sharing between patrons please. I had the 3x serving size above and found it just right for me.

If black soup is not your thing, try the red soup which I found to be just a bit spicy and a whole lot more savoury.

I can't quite comment on the Gyoza as I ate it cold after slurping through 360g of ramen. LOL. But the Tongari Rice was pretty good with a tasty topping of pork (Japanese style pulled pork?) on rice.

I went home happy and satiated but was very thirsty. I guess the amount of sodium consumed added up at the end of the night. #needabeer

Menya Musashi
Raffles Shopping Centre (other branches at The Star Vista, ION Orchard & Thomson Plaza)
Tel: 6336 6500

Chew On This: Paper bibs are provided upon request for your ramen-slurping pleasure.


Amasou Umasou said...

This is my fave place for tsukemen :)

The Hungry Cow said...

Amasou Umasou: Cool! :D