Friday, January 11, 2013

Puttu Mayam- Freshly made upon order!

I bet many people have eaten Puttu Mayam before but how many have had it freshly made? This stall I chanced upon at Simpang Bedok does!

Suren who runs the stall with his wife proudly makes each Puttu Mayam only once the order is made. First he fills up a press mould with rice flour dough and then...

Squeezes the rice flour dough through to form strands (think like in making muruku) which he then circles around to obtain the final lattice layer of Puttu Mayam. The Puttu Mayam is steamed for about 2 minutes.

The rice flour aroma of freshly-made Puttu Mayam ($2.20 for minimum of 2 pieces) is remarkably fragrant. Its texture is springy and pleasantly chewy. Served with grated coconut and red sugar, it is an enjoyable treat that is pretty hard to come by with the unfortunate current commercialised mantra of faster, cheaper, better.

Suren said he discards any remaining rice flour at the end of each day and starts with a fresh batch to ensure utmost quality.

Also available and freshly made upon order is the Masala Thosai ($2.50) which is thin and packs an inner filling of spiced potato. Pretty yums too!

While here, do remember to also try the Appam. Another post for another day perhaps.

For the sake of artisan Puttu Mayam and the hope of its continuation, this stall is definitely worth supporting! Happy Puttu Mayam-ing! :)

Bedok Market Place (moore commonly known as Simpang Bedok)
348 Bedok Road

Opens: Monday to Saturday- 8am to 9pm
Closes: Sunday

Chew On This: Suren's mum apparently operates the popular Heaven's Indian Curry stall in Ghim Moh market!


Michael said...

Ah, I see you are working through the stalls one by one...

Yi Ling said...

Cool, I've been looking for handmade puttu mayam for ages!!! =D