Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Pretty Good Har Cheong Gai @ Simpang Bedok

I do frequent Simpang Bedok quite a bit as it is relatively near home and I like the relaxed vibes there. The second floor market has been closed for a good while now and the last I heard it was going to be torn down. But a recent Facebook posting by Andrew made moo curious.

Apparently the place has come back to life. Eh?

One evening's visit affirmed it. The second floor market is relaunched!

Shall update about some of the stalls there in (hopefully not over) due time. Today's slot is reserved for this cze char stall that churned out lip-smacking Har Cheong Gai.

The Prawn Paste Chicken (aka Har Cheong Gai; $8 for 8 pieces) were a bronzed golden bunch of midwings with a crispy well-fried skin flavoured with the savoury, earthy prawn paste. Juicy and a real delight with plain white rice, these wings were calling out for beeeer!

Sambal Kangkong moost be the unofficial official veg dish at any cze char stall in Singapore. The version ($6) here was pleasant with sufficient spiciness and umami notes from the balachan (dried shrimp paste).

Also enjoyable, the Beef Hor Fun ($5) was a hearty plate of kway teow stir-fried with a fairly nice wok hei, pieces of tenderised beef (though I personally do not take to Chinese-style tenderised beef) and a mildly garlicky sauce.

Reasonably priced cze char with competent cooking and scrumptious Har Cheong Gai near home? I'm sold. Moohehe.

The uncle recommended the fish head steamboat which I will keep for my next visit.  Can't wait to also try some of his other dishes. Hooves crossed.

Golden Seafood
Bedok Market Place (moore commonly known as Simpang Bedok)
348 Bedok Road

Chew On This: This stall used to be at SMU and has expanded its menu with the new location.


Michael said...

I have to say it is pretty dead in the mornings. Still waiting for the 'grand opening' a lot of the stalls appear closed most of the time.

The Hungry Cow said...

MC: Yep, this place does need time. Gina's Vadai has just returned here too.

Anonymous said...

are they good with seafood since their stall name is golden seafood?

The Hungry Cow said...

Anonymous: Their Fishhead Steamboat was below average when I tried but I have yet to try their other seafood dishes.