Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Lazy Sunday Champagne Brunch at The Sentosa

When the work week gets rough, it almoost seems a must to pamper oneself on the weekend. Call it a pat on the back or a rejuvenating boost, it can also be a perfect excuse for a lovely brunch buffet with some bubbly.

The Sentosa Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet ($152++ per person; $108++ per person without Champagne) offers signatures from both The Cliff and The Garden, two of the hotel's other restaurants, too.

From a whole salmon (I've never seen this fish, or any other fish for that matter, tied like that. Moohehe) to....

a wagyu beef rump roast that was outstandingly robust and flavoursome. Gratings of fresh horseradish over the roast beef added a nice piquant counterpoint.

Walk around the buffet tables and live stations and your plate might end up looking like this! Homemade lamb sausages! Yorkshire pudding! A very delicious and comforting potato gratin!

There were also dim sum, Indian dishes, sushi and Chinese roast meats but don't forget to...

....sin with foie gras. Moohahaha.

For carb fans, head to the pasta station. The gnocchi with truffle cream sauce were scrumptious little nuggets in a moreish sauce.

Sweet tooth folks would be happy with the dessert area filled with cakes, pudding, tarts, chocolate and crepes etc.

But this savoury tooth cow would rather pick at the selection of cheeses and cured meats. :p

Finally, what's a Champagne brunch without the bubbly? Especially if it has one's name on it. LOL.

T'was a relaxing Sunday brunch that progressed on to a nice nap and later a simple dinner at home.

Thanks to Marlene Teo of The Sentosa for the invite and for hosting moo.

The Terrace at The Sentosa
2 Bukit Manis Road
Tel: 6371 1414

Chew On This:

There's even a kids corner with a play area and colourful cutlery.

Kids get to make their own pizzas too!

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Gaven said...

Champagne Brunch at The Sentosa used be my favourite but unfortunately our last experience there in April this year was quite disappointing a lot of the variety was gone and the quality of service and food wasn't nearly as good as it has been in the past. More details here: