Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Friday Night Dinner at Geylang's Back Alley

Geylang is not a dirty word though it sometimes begets dirty stares. Buzzing with people, traffic, fruit stalls, kopitiams and other visitors, Geylang is full of character and I would recommend all visitors to Singapore to check it out for a real experience beyond the glitzy shopping malls.

One Friday evening, three of us headed to Geylang's back alley for dinner before visiting a friend who stays near by. JB Ah Meng has a nice open-air seating area located at the back alley- complete with stray cats, and laundry hung from the above apartments' windows. If the residents above are kind, one might get curry or some other special ingredients added to one's rice. LOL.

Before our open-sky curry fantasy could occur, JB Ah Meng's signature beehoon arrived. It had a bit of a crisp surface with a nice wok hei though there wasn't much ingredients.

The Fried Pork Belly was deliciously sinful. Rich and flavoursome with the taste of garlic and nam yu (fermented beancurd).

Our dish of Yau Mak Choi was crunchy and quite fragrant.

For something scrumptious, go for the Salted Egg Yolk Prawns. Instead of an egg yolk sauce, a nice battered coat of savouriness encapsulated each prawn. What were lagi better were the small kernels of corn- each also coated with egg yolk. Very moreish!

The Tofu Dish brought a feeling of simple contentment. Smooth tofu, golden mushrooms, minced pork and green leafy veg smothered in a tasty brown gravy. This and rice would have been good enough.

Then again who am I kidding? It's a Friday night!

So we had an extra order- Hor Fun! Moohaha. Sadly, this was disappointing compared to the other dishes that evening. :(

Oh yes, I forgot to take the dishes' exact names and prices but the above for 3 of us costs about $20+ each.

JB Ah Meng
2 Lorong 23 Geylang
Opens: 5pm to 3am

Chew On This: Feel free to BYO wines here!


Huijun said...


I'm from a lifestyle publication and would like to seek your permission to reproduce your blog entry in our paper, as well as high-res photos in the entry. I couldn't find your contact in your site, so I hope you can email me at regarding this.

Hui Jun

Amanda said...

Lol. if you just actually read the site carefully, you would find the email of this blog's author.