Wednesday, December 05, 2012

db Bistro's Antidote to Monday Blues

Oh yes that dreadful feeling on Sunday evenings and heavy feet on Monday mornings... classic Monday blues symptoms.

But one Monday evening, I found myself perked up by db Bistro Moderne's Monday in Lyon- a specially crafted 3-course dinner menu inspired by Daniel Boulud's hometown of Lyon, and made only available on Mondays. It's been a while since my last visit too.

Choice of one of these starters:

The Plateau de Charcuterie was a stunner. This platter of duck terrine, pate, hams and cured meats with some good bread and butter, and a bottle of wine would make me one very happy cow. :)

The Soupe A L'Onion was also yummy with a rich beef consomme, caramelised onions and chewy, melted Gruyere cheese.

If you like a meaty salad, try the Salade Lyonnaise. Thick chunks of bacon and chicken liver were unabashedly displayed beside their leafy neighbours. Break open the poached egg and mix the yolk with the carrot and mustard dressing for a tasty salad.

Mooving on to the choices for mains:

Cabilleaud Poche featured a thick cut of cod that was poached perfectly; served with fish mousse quenelles which were sort of ang moh fish cake (moohahaha) and a very flavoursome Nantua sauce made with crayfish and, I suspect, butter. 

The chicken option of Poulet Au Vinaigre could delight people who say that chicken is a "boring" dish. While the chef uses French chicken raised in Malaysia (think French expats turned Malaysian PRs), it was the sauce that stole the show. It had nice acidity, slight creaminess, smokiness from bacon and a tangy note from the cherry tomatoes. This dish also came with tarragon rice pilaf which should appeal to those who cannot do without rice in a meal. :p

Holy cow! At this point I suddenly realised a big gun in my direction. Ahem. But I digress...

The only vegetarian main of Gratin de Cardons "Dauphinois" was no weak push over. A gratin of cardoon and potato, with earthy assorted mushrooms, it was a comforting dish. This was my first time eating cardoon, said to be a close relative of the globe artichoke. Wish I could taste cardoon on its own to get to know its flavour better.

And here's what you get to choose for desserts:

  Apple Tart Fine- lovely layers of puff pastry and this alcoholic cow loved the Cognac ice cream! :D

The Ile Floattante consisted of a floating island of steamed meringue that was delicately soft, marshmallow-like and maybe like eating clouds I would imagine. Moohaha. Vanilla creme Anglais and pink pralines accompanied the floating island.

Chocolate lovers can try the Coupe Chocolat Et Marron, a Valrhona chocolate ice cream with candied gao lak chestnuts.

Chef Stephane Istel who heads the db Bistro Moderne at Marina Bay Sands was on hand to introduce the dishes. Such a perky and jovial chef! I still remember him rah-rahing a small crowd at Ritz Carlton's Super Brunch in honour of the out-going Executive Chef Arnaud Thulliez.

A-ha! A sign of something good.

These warm lemony Madeleines were as good as I remembered them to be. This and a cup of tea made the perfect end to the evening.

With dishes of this quality, this dinner set is pretty good value I moost say. And I think they do their sauces excellently here! 

The Mondays in Lyon 3-course dinner set ($68/pax) is available only on Mondays and ends in December. Thanks to Philicia and Elzena of MBS for the invitation.

db Bistro Moderne
B1-48 Galleria Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 6688 8525

Chew On This: Fancy some wine with your Monday in Lyon meal? Add $32 per person for a glass of white and a red Les Vins de Vienne Cotes Du Rhone. The white (Les Laurelles 2010) was refreshing, light to medium bodied and with plesant citrus and mineral notes. The red (Les Cranilles 2010) was a GSM blend that was soft, flavourful with red fruits, spices and gentle tannins.

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