Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beef Noodles Booster

Often than not, the weather plays a role in deciding what the body craves or feels like eating. With the recent wet, gloomy weather, I was happy to see a beef noodles stall at this hawker centre.

The Dry Beef Noodles ($4) had thick beehoon doused in a tasty, dark, gloppy gravy that was boldly beefy and accented with spices like, I am guessing, star anise and cloves. The beef slices were a little tough but nothing that needed jaws of steel thankfully. Blanched beans sprouts and strips of preserved vegetables added a nice crunch while a squeeze of lime and a sprinkling of chopped peanuts addd zing and texture. The chilli sauce was pretty garlicky and reminded me of chicken rice chilli sauce.

You know I had to try the soup version too didn't you? Moohaha. The Mixed Beef Kway Teow Soup ($5) had a soup that was dark, robust and full bodied with a thick cloud of protein precipitates. This was no wimpy beef soup. Consisting of ox tripe, beef ball, beef slices and thin pieces of stewed beef (which were flavourful and tender!), this made for good eating.   

Will definitely be back when I am next in the area and craving for cow cow (robust) beef noodles! 

Traditional Hainan Beef Noodle
Stall 93
North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre
Blk 861, North Bridge Road

Chew On This: The friendly old lady at the stall shared with this cow that they were previously from "upstairs" and moved down to their present location about 3 months ago...and yes, she is Hainanese, just in case some of you are wondering. :)


Anonymous said...

My parents discovered this stall some weeks back. Was very impressed with their beef noodles. Have feedbacked to them to adjust the salt in the soup just a little notch and it'll be perfect!

The Hungry Cow said...

rexic: Yep, it was a pleasant find for moo too. :)