Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prego's Truffle-rific 3-Course Meal

Ok, this cow is not dead...yet... Work has kept me rather busy these few weeks but I was glad I took time to smell the roses truffles. :)

Yes, it is that time of the year when gourmands (foodies with mooney) splurge on xx-course dinners featuring white and/or black truffles. The prized fungi is said to be more expensive this year due to the unfavourable weather conditions in truffleland.

But experiencing truffle does not have to be a nose-bleeding, pocket-busting affair. Prego's 3-course black truffle menu ($60/pax; available lunch & dinner) is pretty cool.

An amuse bouche of Burrata Cheese with Truffle Paste oozed with dairy creaminess and that unmistakable truffle flavour to signal the start of a truffle-fied meal.

Select from one of these two starters:

The Lobster Bruschetta was a delightful option with crunchy short spears of asparagus, slightly bitter rocket leaves and chunks of lobster tail dressed with a truffle vinaigrette.

Scallop lovers would be very happy with the Crusted Scallops on the Half Shell. The mollusk was juicy and cooked perfectly with a truffle butter crust.

Ok the Prego Pizza is not part of the set meal options but who could say no to a delicious pizza topped with prosciutto di Parma, buffalo mozzarella, arugula and tomato sauce? Moohehe.

On to the main course choices. Select one of these three options:

The Taglierini Pasta had an elegant yet homely appeal with sweet roasted peppers and spinach basil sauce with a scoop of truffle ricotta.  

Stuffed Agnolotti- pasta pillows stuffed with roasted meats in a truffle cream sauce. These ravioli were seriously moreish.

My favourite main was the Truffle Risotto. Hot risotto cooked till al dente with wild forest mushrooms and mixed in a wheel of pecorino cheese before being spooned onto a plate. The residual heat from the grains gently melted the sheep's cheese resulting in a deliciously creamy risotto. Freshly shaved black truffles to top it all. Earthy. Rich. Nutty.

Think the truffles stop at desserts? Think again.

Pick one of these two desserts:

The White Chocolate Hazelnut Cake was soft white chocolate sponge cake with a pretty good strawberry ice cream and TRUFFLE chocolate sauce. Yes, it seemed like an odd pairing but the flavours of cocoa and truffle worked. The truffle chocolate sauce gave this dessert an interesting savoury touch.

Housemade Tiramisu with truffle stones (I think these refer to the sandy granular bits). Perhaps missing a stronger alcoholic boost but it could be just this alkie's inner wish. Moohaha.

Prego's $60++ for a 3-course truffle meal, especially if it's dinner, seems like a good deal. But hurry as the truffle menu only lasts until 16 December 2012....then turkey season hits.

Thanks to Jacqueline Wee of Fairmont Singapore for the invitation. 

Level 1, Fairmont Singapore
Tel: 6431 6156

Chew On This:
Prego's chefs do make their way around tables at certain intervals to show off some pizza tossing acrobatics. Talk about table side entertainment!

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