Thursday, November 01, 2012

Makankakis Back at Forture Seafood

I had a very good dinner with the makankakis here at Forture Seafood years ago and it's a pity our second dinner there later wasn't as good. Now with the former chef (Ah Loy) having returned to the restaurant, another dinner was planned and 73 makankakis signed up for dinner.

Dinner kicked off with the Supreme Dragon & Pheonix Platter- an fancy starter with dry ice, pink cream and sauce that could have been sponsored by Stabilo. Moohehe. The morsel on the purple-pink sauce was a well-fried prawn. The sauce apparently had fruits like strawberry and dragon fruit and definitely mayo. The other fried item with the black sesame on top was a meaty lump of minced chicken dressed with a lemon-lime sauce.

 Next arrived the Deep Fried Fresh Mushrooms. These were meaty, robust and earthy. Good with rice.

The Steamed Garoupa in Green Curry Sauce was absolutely lovely! The fish was steamed perfectly and the green curry sauce aromatic yet not overpowering.

For me the Stir-fried Vegetables with Dried Scallops was a shame with the dried scallops being wayyy too chewy ala thick cut dried cuttlefish.

Before my jaws had recovered, the Village-Style Salt Baked Chicken struck. Thankfully, its warm, comforting flavours won me over. The chicken had a rustic appeal and was on the lean side. The minced ginger dip was awesome! Fragrant (almost floral), gingery and without any pungent heat, this dip was made from sand ginger (specially imported from Malaysia), and made the perfect accompaniment to the baked chicken.

Next was the Crispy Duck Rolls- a mini sandwich of flour crepes hugging battered and fried pieces of duck and other goodies. Very tasty and would be a great canape!

Ok, by this time moost people were already getting full. When the Braised Herbal Pig Trotter came, we thought we were gone. Jialat, how to finish? But all that was left in the end was the large bone. LOL. Braised in a herbal sauce for hours, the trotter was super tender and the pleasant herbal notes from the sauce made this "heavyweight" lighter and very enjoyable. Two hooves up!

As the de rigueur dish at the end of a Chinese meal, there was a carbs dish- the Crispy Hor Fun with Seafood scored with its creativity and unusualness. I've never experienced a hor fun like this before. The hor fun was deep fried till crispy and then topped with a tasty gravy that got absorbed into the former. Where's the seafood? It's a little hard to spot with all the wines around but strips of sea cucumber, fish maw and scallops were in the mix.   

Dessert was Japanese Purple Sweet Potato with Cream and Sago. Visually, the dinner ended almoost like how it started.

Wines of the night. A very pleasant, approachable Dog Leg Sparkling ($30, order from thehungrcow); a tightly-structured and beautiful Bianco di Nero DOC; a Chilean Puerto Viejo Pinot Noir 2008 ($35, order from thehungrycow) with notes of cherries and spice; a deliciously sweet Tsantini 5-year-oak-aged Mavrodaphne of Patras ($32, order from thehungrycow) with honey, raisin and a hint of molasses.

The food here is quite unlike a typical cze char place. There is a certain creativity and boldness that can be quite refreshing.

Thanks to Eslim for organising! 

Forture Seafood
887 Bukit Timah Road
Opens: 11am-2.30pm; 5pm-11.30pm
Tel: 64695957

Chew On This: Feel free to BYO wines and glasses. :)

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