Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Makankakis at Parco Caffe!

Instead of the usual Chinese cze char style dinner, the makankakis had an ang moh dinner for November.

Parco Caffe makes an interesting choice because it is in a rather hidden, off the beaten path location and little is heard about this restaurant. And there's (fake) grass in some areas too! Moohehe.

Hungry tummies greeted the first dish that arrived- Pizza Parco Caffe. A 7-inch pizza topped with tomato, mozzarella, hon shimeiji mushroom, Parma ham and black truffle spread. The crust was a little too thin for my personal liking but I enjoyed the sweet earthy flavours from the truffle spread and ham.

Next, was a pasta dish that reminded me a bit of Gunther's $60 angel hair pasta I had at the food bloggers' lunch. The Parco Chilled Cappellini of chilled angel hair pasta tossed with roe (tobiko), spring onion, parmesan cheese, truffle oil and fish liver Bottarga was pretty delicious. My neighbour jokingly asked if this four-stomached creature was going to finish this in one mouthful when she saw me pick up the entire small mound of angel hair with a fork. LOL. Nah, I had to stretch my enjoyment and hence gently teased strands off to eat.

The fish course of Branzino con Patate. Roasted sea bass cube served on purple mash potatoes, black olives, capers and extra virgin olive oil emulsion. Moist fish with a bit of nicely seared skin. Unfortunately, I didn't quite take to the paste made of olives and capers which was surprising since I usually like both these ingredients.

The meat course of the evening was the Costina d’Agnello- roasted Australian lamb chop crusted in bread crumbs and Italian herbs, served with mixed vegetables caponata. The slightly gamey notes of the lamb paired nicely with the acidity and sweetness of the caponata. Eat. With. Wine.

The dessert of Parfait al cioccolato (double chocolate and cherry jelly parfait) ended on a disappointing note for me and was my least favourite item of this dinner. The part soft, part gummy texture and flat flavours didn't quite appeal. Even the macaroon perched on top flopped in the flavour department. :(

Maybe that's why one moost have a bit of wine and lots of good company (seated at the same table were pioneer batch makankakis, one pinky piggu and folks from Makansutra editorial team) with dinner so it all ends on a happy note. Moohahaha. Two Italian wines that evening- an interesting tightly-wound straight Merlot that wasn't quite like Merlot, and a white blend of native white grapes that was pretty fresh for a 2007.

Then we went off for a bowl of kway teow soup at a near by kopitiam to anchor the night. :D

Parco Caffe
10 Raeburn Park
Tel: 6223 6338

Chew On This: Parco Caffe serves up both Italian and some Asian dishes. Crayfish laksa, beef short ribs rendang or bak kut teh (with whiskey) anyone? :p See full menu here.


timing said...

"Then we went off for a bowl of kway teow soup at a near by kopitiam to anchor the night. :D"

Wah eat all that food liao still can immediately go eat more?

The Hungry Cow said...

timing: The portions were small-ish and no big carbs to fill 4 stomachs mah. Moohaha.