Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Super Brunch- Smiling from start to end

To celebrate my first year on the job, I brought my family to the Super Brunch ($188++/pax) last October. I kept it a secret from them and just told them not to eat breakfast that morning and leave the car at home. LOL.

Known as the moother of all brunches, this highly-popular mega brunch is organised by the Ritz-Carlton once every 6 months.

The word "super" in the Super Brunch meant almost everything was bigger and moore indulgent. Hey the brunch offerings spread from Chihuly Lounge across the lobby to Greenhouse!

Tuna anyone?

Or how about over 90 varieties of farmhouse cheeses! I was mooing over these babies. :p

 Breads galore. My dad loves his loti. Moohehe.

 At that Super Brunch, there were a few participating chefs from other well-established restaurants. Here's Chef Francois Mermilliod of Absinthe. I was happy to meet the friendly chef again after the De Dietrich Celebrity Chefs Charity Cookathon. Hello to also Chefs Diego Chiarini and Janice Wong!

 Freeflow Moet & Chandon Brut and Rose vintage Champagnes + cocktails + selected wines made this a very very happy brunch. ;)

 See what I mean? Moohehe.

 Even mum & dad were infected!

Oh mooving back to the food...we had..

 Roast spatchcock.

 Braised abalone with truffle oil.

Foie gras.

 Wanton soup Ravioli with consomme.

And an amazing seafood on ice featuring oysters, Boston lobsters, king crabs etc, a whole roasted leg of wagyu and moore. I wonder where those photos went to...moost be the champagne I say!

Doing this post brings back awesome moomeries from a year ago. That also means I've now hit 2 years on the job by God's grace! Thank you Jesus for blessing me with a job and the means to be able to bless my family with this Super Brunch. Fortunately my family only has 4 members. Moohehe.

I felt poorer yet a lot richer after this. Mooney well spent! :)

 Clearly lost in conviviality.

Super Brunch
Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore
Tel: 6434 5288 
Chew On This: Catch the next Super Brunch ($198++) on 21 October with three chefs showcasing the best of Asia – Chef Fok Kai Yee from Summer Pavilion, Chef Jarrett Wrisley from Soul Food Mahanakorn in Bangkok and Chef Susan Teo from Blue Ginger restaurant!


Kelvin Ang said...

Is there a mailing list of sorts that I can sign up so that I know when is the next super brunch?! I will love to go for one!

The Hungry Cow said...

Kelvin Ang: Hey there! I'm not sure if there is a mailing list but the next one should be 6 months from now. I would suggest calling/emailing the Ritz-Carlton to enquire.

Happy Super Brunching! :)