Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mooing at Ruth's Chris Steak House

In the recent months, a number of new steak houses have sprouted up in town. Looks like we do love our beef. See my mardi gras friends above? LOL.

After a mad day at work, I was eagerly looking forward to the dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House- an American brand of New Orleans steak house that started nearly 50 years ago! The Singapore's restaurant is its first in Southeast Asia.

We started with Sizzlin' Blue Crab Cakes ($35 for 2) which had a nice flamed/roasted "crust" and flaky chunks of meaty crab. The natural sweetness of the crab was enhanced by the lemon butter and just a touch of seasoning. Excellent!

The Barbecued Shrimp ($35) was also very good. Think succulent, meaty prawns sauteed in a creamy sauce of white wine, butter, garlic and spices. The sauce got mopped up by the bread and deservedly so.

For a salad option, try Ruth's Chop Salad ($23). This salad mama has moore than 10 ingredients including baby spinach, red onions, mushrooms, blue cheese, bacon, eggs and heart of palm in a lemon basil dressing! A whole load of textures and flavours. I love biting into the tiny cubes of blue cheese. :)

Next came the soups.

While I found the Lobster Bisque ($28) to be average and lacking in depth and well...lobster, the Seafood Gumbo Soup (shown above) fared better with its warm, hearty appeal and comforting mound of rice.

Oei! Where's the beef?!

Okok, I hear you. Moohahaha.

At Ruth's Chris, when the steaks make their appearance, you will hear and smell them before your eyes even get excited. The reason? Steaks are served sizzling on a 260ºC heated plate containing melted butter. 

People who prefer a lean, tender cut of meat should go for the Petite Fillet (230g; $85). It had the usual soft, cottony texture as with most tenderloin steaks, and a mild beef taste.

The Ribeye (340g; $85) was tender, juicy and had more flavour than the Petite Filet. Generally being a ribeye fan, I thought this would be my preferred cut prior to tasting...

But truth be told, it was the New York Strip (340g; $85) that stole my heart. It was a tad tougher than the Ribeye but had a more satisfying bite and chew. Its flavours bolder and moore memoorable than both the Petite Filet and Ribeye.

All 3 steaks above are USDA Prime (the top 2% of America's beef!) and are broiled in a custom-made broiler at 980ºC. Ouch! This cow wouldn't want to be in there. Moohehe. Personally, I found the steaks to have a relatively gentle flavour instead of big, robust beefiness. They were also simply seasoned with salt and pepper and laid on plates with chopped parsley and melted butter, which was a good thing to better appreciate the natural flavours of the beef.

We had a glass of Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red 2006 ($400/bottle) from Napa Valley, California, with our steaks. This enjoyable relatively youthful Bordeaux blend exhibited red fruits and black berries with a small touch of smoke and spices. Nice acid and rounded tannins.

Mooving on to the sides:

The Steak Fries ($18) are ang moh sized potato wedges with rosemary, roasted garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. I think moost marker pens would be ashamed of their size when placed next to this big boy.

Fresh Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce ($23) showed why the correct term to use when counting asparagus is "spears". Large but thankfully tender, they were a nice intermission between bites of steaks.

The table was inching on to desserts but I felt I needed to fill a void. LOL. I know right? My mum says she has one son but brought up two. Moohahaha. The size of the Baked Potato ($20) might look ordinary in the above photo but we had to SHARE it. While others were tucking into cakes, this cow was happily polishing this giant spud off. I can't resist baked potato + sour cream + bacon bits + chives lah.

Some people say there's always an extra stomach or space for desserts. I don't know but for those without 4 stomachs, better make space! :p

The Cheesecake ($25) is one of the best I have tried. Nothing fancy or exotic but just a very well made crust (oh the resistant crunch and savoury, buttery, flavour!) and a lovely, creamy, rich yet balanced cream cheese. The portion is also quite big and can be easily shared between 4 people or 2 hungry ones. 

I was mooing in lala land that night....happy cows in the fields....happy cows on 260ºC heated plates.

Thanks for Chi Tran of MSL Singapore for the invitation and for hosting me.

Ruth's Chris Steak House
Level 4
Marina Mandarin Hotel
Tel: 6336 9093
Opens: 11.30am-3pm; 5.30pm-11pm

Chew On This: Looking to chew on some USDA Prime steaks over a private business dinner or for a birthday bash? Ask about their private room. On the night I was there, a boisterous group of people were clearly having a good time....with cases of Dom Perignon.


FoodieFC said...

this blog post suits your blog theme perfectly 'hungry cow'! The first pict is like your mascot ha

The Hungry Cow said...

FoodieFC: Moohaha. Thanks!

Jill Reynolds said...

That cheesecake would look so pretty and charming in a moses basket. I love the presentation and everything! Can't wait to try this place out myself.