Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hokkaido Specials at Triple Three

Singaporeans clearly love their buffets and when that is combined with a Japanese theme, it is no doubt going to be popular.

This hungry cow trotted down to Triple Three (which also happens to be the very first entry of this blog more than 6 years ago!) one weekday evening to check out their spread.

The seafood on ice proved to be a draw with king crabs, prawns, scallops and shells. I say pick out the king crab flesh and dunk it into hot ramen. Moohehe.

Assorted sashimi- I especially loved the Hokkaido scallops. :)

On that evening, a whole tuna was also filleted live. Clearly size does matter for some. LOL.

A teppanyaki station offered everything from prawns, beef (moo!), lamb (meh), vegetables and salmon. The salmon was perfectly cooked with a slightly crisp exterior and moist, raw-ish insides. 

A station offering fried goodies served up delicious croquettes....and deep-fried fish sperm. Guess which one is the latter? Moohaha. Unfortunately the fish sperm didn't quite appeal to me with its thick batter and hard, dry erm sperm. Yes, it's complex I know.

Thankfully this bowl of thinly-sliced Japanese piggy that were blanched in a light stock and served with peas over rice was simple joy. I don't like the peas but that's just me. The super tender and flavourful pork with rice was just so comforting.  

While I didn't enjoy the two items I took from the robatayaki section, the roast meats from the opposite counter were moovelous. Think juicy, robust honey-glazed ham, and a succulent roasted Japanese wagyu. A dab of mustard and horseradish balanced the meats nicely.

Go for the Hokkaido potatoes with Japanese butter. Simple but oh so goood.

Also on the above plate were 4 types of salt! I'm no salt-ologist but there were the Persian Blue Salt, Hawaiian Black Salt, Vanilla Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt. The vanilla salt would make a lovely sprinkling over butter and chocolate cookies.

Desserts and fruits rounded up the meal. Hokkaido-style treats such as Sea of Ohkotsk Salt Ice Cream and Dorayaki (pancakes) were available.

This Hokkaido buffet promotion is only available for dinner ($138++) from 17 to 31 October 2012 so catch it before it flies by- faster than one can say Irasshaimase!

Thanks to Ruth and Crystal of Mandarin Orchard for the invitation.

Triple Three
333 Orchard Road
Level 5 Mandarin Orchard Singapore
Tel: 6831 6288 

Chew On This: Try some Hokkaido specials for mocktail and cocktail. Or head to their bar next door for some pretty good happy hours deal before dinner!

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