Thursday, September 06, 2012

An Enjoyable Chop Chop Dim Sum Lunch

It was a Sunday and we were rushing to Xin Cuisine for dim sum lunch after church service. Rushing on a Sunday and for dim sum was no fun but we had to because their last order was at 2.30pm. But I am glad we did as it turned out to be a rather enjoyable albeit chop chop kali pok dim sum meal. It was my first time ordering everything at one go for dim sum. Moohehe.

The Minced Pork & Century Egg Porridge ($4.20/person) was tasty with a smooth, pleasantly gooey congee and crispy fried crackers. My parents came back a week later to have this again!

Pan-Fried Radish Cake with Waxed Meat ($4.20 for 3) turned out nicely decent- soft radish cake topped with a small mound of fragrant XO sauce.

They were out of Har Gao but good thing there was still Siew Mai ($4.50 for 3) which was meaty, juicy and with a balanced pork flavour. Check out the good amount of fish roe. :)

How to say no to smooth sheets of steamed rice flour wrapped around prawns and doused in a light savoury sauce? The Prawns Rice Flour Roll ($5.50) was interestingly stuffed with chye sim together with the prawns. Usually the greens are served on the side. 

I like the Steamed Chicken's Feet ($4.20). The sauce was a tad oily but well flavoured with black beans, garlic and pepper which permeated the chicken's feet.

To end the chop chop dim sum lunch, we had the Egg Tarts with Bird's Nest ($6 for 3). These were small, warm tartlets with a nice savoury-sweet contrast between the pastry and the custard. Very moreish!

Being spiritually fed, enjoying the comforts of dim sum with loved ones and sipping on Chrysanthemum-Pu Er tea was a great way to spend the Sunday. Weekends, please faster come back! Moohahaha.

Xin Cuisine 
Level 4
Holiday Inn Atrium
Tel: 6731 7173

Note: Dim sum is available daily. Last order is at 2.30pm.

Chew On This: Besides their regular dim sum offerings, Xin Cuisine also has "daily specials". Unfortunately I found the two items that I tried to be ordinary and yes, they are priced higher.

Fried Whitebait ($10) was coated in a pretty thick flour batter. A sprinkling of fried garlic was a fragrant touch but somehow also made me rather thirsty. 

I preferred the Jelly Fish ($10) which was springy and spicy.


FoodieFC said...

lol i thought the jelly fish was raw fish salad or marinated chicken yet to be BBQ

The Hungry Cow said...

FoodieFC: Now that you mention it... LOL. Perspectives are always interesting. :)